PEW Car Title Loan Report

By | Mar 25, 2015

Here’s the latest PEW Report on car title lenders and consumers. Of course, PEW takes pot shots at the industry and embraces a cynical evaluation of the car title loan product. However, don’t dismiss the numbers behind their madness. (Be sure to review the bottom of this Post where I’ll reveal the number of participants […]


Starting a Car Title Loan Business

By | Jul 25, 2014

By: [Learning/Training Center]. Our world of custom built, small dollar loans is evolving rapidly! The incumbents have been knocked back on their heels. P2P, Kickstarter models, Lending Club, the DOJ, the CFPB, mobile banking, bank discontinuance… have DISRUPTED our playing field. By systematically severing and dissecting custom built, “bespoke” consumer loans into small, discrete units of satisfaction, a […]


Car Title Loan Biz 101

By | Mar 20, 2014

(For substantially more detail, refer to our “Car Title Biz Manual.” We run Boot Camps in a “live” store in Lake Forest, Calif.) These are AVERAGES based on 274,000 “single payment” car title loans and refinances. (No installment lending) Assumes $50,000 “on the street” in car title loans. Average loan principal: $992.00 Dollars per $100 loaned: […]


How to Start a Car Title Loan Business – NOT

By | Dec 17, 2013

By: Jer Trihouse. Man, it’s good to be a state licensed car title loan lender! New York Attorney General Schneiderman Reaches Settlement With Auto Title Loan Company To Refund Interest On Usurious Loans And Forgive Outstanding Loan Balances   NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced a settlement with an out-of-state company […]


Advertising-The Simple Methods Still Work with Payday, Car Title and Gold

By | Dec 11, 2011

Remember – the simple stuff still works! In the age of the Internet, IPads, smart phones, PPC programs like Google and Bing, text messaging, blogging, click-to-call, yada, yada, yada… the offline marketing channels still work great! This is true for both brick-n-mortar and online payday loan, cash advance, “pink-slip (car title) loans, scrap gold buyers […]


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