Attend a payday loan bootcamp training


Would 2 days of intensive, “on the job” training in a “live” consumer loan center benefit your team? We offer “Hands on Training” for you and a member of your staff in a “live” Payday Loan, Installment Loan and Car Title Loan Store!

In our “Live In-Store Boot Camp” you get real-world training in the following:

How to fund consumer installment loans, payday loans, and car title loans.

Front end, step-by-step procedures BEFORE you fund the loan.

Hands-on access to the verification and decision making tools we use for approving loans.

Calculating how much you can safely loan.

Calculating the APR and conforming with TILA and other compliance issues.

Our collection tactics and strategies for PDL and car title loans.

Compliance issues and documentation.

Man loading and personnel scheduling.

Hands-on software experience for payday loan and car title lending.

Resources: our list of attorneys, software solutions, valuation experts, regulatory and compliance pros, Internet consultants and more.

Business Plan: a sample business plan in Microsoft Excel including cash flow projections, equipment lists, budgets and more. [Note: You can run what-if scenarios by varying your key performance metrics [Customer acquisition costs, lead costs, rent, employee man loading…]

All of your questions answered.

What You’ll Learn With Us

Knowledge: Everything you need to successfully run the day-to-day operation of a successful consumer loan business. This includes payday loans, car title loans, installment loans…

Insight: The tactics and strategies you need to build your business and out-wit your competition. You’ll leave us with a thorough understanding of the inner workings of a consumer financial services business and how to build yours into a real asset.

Our “How to Loan Money to the Masses Profitably Course.” Many clients refer to it as “The Bible.” You receive a copy delivered to your Inbox as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Your Specific State/Province Licensing & Regulations: We’ll provide you with your state/province specific licensing application, fee structures and sample contracts (Some exceptions for payday loans; NY, NJ, etc.)

Documents: You’ll leave with a sample of every document we use in our business; invaluable to startups as well as experienced operators.

Hands-on Experience: You’ll leave us with the peace of mind achieved by “actually working on the firing lines.” You’ll learn how to work the phones, serving real customers, verify data, complete consumer loan transactions, make collection calls and much, much more!

Follow-up Consultation:  No Additional Charge! That’s right! After you return home and you have a question? Just call! It’s free!!

What this Costs? Your total investment is $5000 for 2-days of training in our live store. Hotel, meals, and transportation are not included.

Where? One of our live loan centers in South Texas (McAllen or Harlingen).

When? How soon can you study our “Bible” and get here?

How to Get Started? To reserve your date and spot we require a deposit of $2500.00. On receipt, we’ll digitally deliver your copy of our “How to Loan Money to the Masses Profitably” Course for your review. We’ll contact you to secure your training dates (1 or 2 days in S. Texas).

When? How soon can you study our Manuals and get here?

Who can attend our Boot Camp? You and one additional member of your Team.

Have questions? Call us at 702-208-6736. 

Due to Covid, call us for pricing & details. Budget $3500 – $5000 for 1-2 days in our Texas location; a “live” store.