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Personal Loan Payday Loan Kiosk Machine

The future of consumer small dollar lending? Automated kiosk machines and smart phone apps.

No doubt, there will be continued demand by consumers for immediate cash in their hand, but for B2C small dollar lenders to scale will require their investment in technology, apps, SAS, automated kiosk machines…

Today’s kiosks have the ability to:

  • Apply for a loan
  • Submit the application including identification scanning
  • Underwrite and score the consumer loan application
  • Approve/decline the consumer loan application
  • Consumer agreement to loan terms and Esignature
  • Enable the consumer to receive loan funding via an ACH, debit card, cash…
  • Process consumer payments via bank account, EFT, cash, gift card…

No need to lease a location, hire a multitude of employees, and on and on and on… Result? Profits.

The thing is, THE FUTURE IS HERE! Email Subject: “KIOSK”

Loan Machines Here Today

Loan Machines Here Today


Payday Loan Kiosk Machine Revenue Share Opportunity

I’m in need of a store front owner to allow a state-of-the-art payday loan KIOSK¬†machine to be placed in their location.

This is a revenue share proposal.

No out of pocket expense to the store owner.

This new technology, enables a consumer to apply for a PDL and receive cash within 60 seconds.

Kiosk operates 24/7.

The KIOSK manufacturer has been in the PDL space 11 years.

They have 90 KIOSK loan machines.

US expansion is the goal.

The KIOSK manufacturer provides ALL capital to fund the PDL’s.

The KIOSK manufacturer ships, delivers, and sets up the PDL machines with Internet; no expense to you.

The KIOSK manufacturer has developed software to analyze each consumer loan applicant’s individual credit history, and enable the borrower applicant to select a loan principal amount, and fund the loan immediately via the KIOSK in cash, debit card, or bank deposit.

The KIOSK scans and dispenses checks as well.

The borrower simply approaches the KIOSK, chooses the amount they desire to borrow, enters an SMS code to verify their phone number, places their ID on the built-in scanner, a built in camera takes their photo, borrower “signs” agreement with their fingerprint and they receive CASH IMMEDIATELY!

KIOSK manufacturer maintains a 24/7 call center. They handle all inquiries, issues, questions, collections…

A single KIOSK can service up to 500 borrowers/day.

Kiosk dispenses loan proceeds in cash and accepts repayments by cash, check, debit card…

Consumer loans can be repaid via the KIOSK, via the KIOSK manufacturer’s website or phone.

No consumer bank statements required.

No borrower CRA reports required.

Consumer data HIGHLY secured.

Consumer does NOT need to fill out ANY documents. Consumer does NOT submit bank statements OR pay stubs.

Ultimate goal is KIOSKS in convenient locations throughout USA. In malls, metro/gas stations, supermarkets, casinos,

Kiosks and software is completed and ready for immediate deployment.

60 seconds from application to cash in hand to consumer.

These KIOSKS & this technology is WORKING TODAY!

Interested in exploring?

Email your name, State, and phone number to
Put in the “Subject:” KIOSK MACHINE

Jer – Trihouse