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Payday Loan & Installment Leads

If you’re an installment lender, payday loan (single pay) lender, a title loan lender or in the lead generation industry, you should be aware of these trends. Lenders are quickly gravitating away from lead generators and their ping trees. When it comes to lending, the “Big Boys” are pulling all their lead gen in-house. They’re hiring talent and building expertise.

Here’s a visual aid from Enova to help you grasp how serious this strategy has become for payday loan, installment lenders, car title operators, line-of-credit providers and more. CLICK on the image to enlarge it! (Note: the “direct mail.”)

Payday loan leads

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Also, note the traffic sources for Enova leads. In 2009, lead purchasing was 67%. In 2014 it was 39%. Mobile stands at 48%!!

This is a common thread for lenders and does not bode well for Selling Source, T3 and the rest; at least regarding the payday loan, installment and car title lending industry. Of course, merchant cash advances are the newest trend; $300B loan potential!

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FTC Charges Payday Broker LeapLab & Ideal Financial with Theft of Millions from Consumers’ Accounts

Post from the Federal Trade Commission:

FTC Charges Data Broker with Facilitating the Theft of Millions of Dollars from Consumers’ Accounts Company Sold Personal Financial Information to Scammers.

A data broker operation sold the sensitive personal information of hundreds of thousands of consumers – including Social Security and bank account numbers – to scammers who allegedly debited millions from their accounts, the Federal Trade Commission charged in a complaint filed today.

According to the FTC’s complaint, data broker LeapLab bought payday loan applications of financially strapped consumers, and then sold that information to marketers whom it knew had no legitimate need for it. At least one of those marketers, Ideal Financial Solutions – a defendant in another FTC case – allegedly used the information to withdraw millions of dollars from consumers’ accounts without their authorization.

“This case shows that the illegitimate use of sensitive financial information causes real harm to consumers,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Defendants like those in this case harm consumers twice: first by facilitating the theft of their money and second by undermining consumers’ confidence about providing their personal information to legitimate lenders.”

The defendants collected hundreds of thousands of payday loan applications from payday loan websites known as publishers. Publishers typically offer to help consumers obtain payday loans. To do so, they ask for consumers’ sensitive financial information to evaluate their loan applications and transfer funds to their bank accounts if the loan is approved. These applications, including those bought and sold by LeapLab, contained the consumer’s name, address, phone number, employer, Social Security number, and bank account number, including the bank routing number.

The defendants sold approximately five percent of these loan applications to online lenders, who paid them between $10 and $150 per lead. According to the FTC’s complaint, however, the defendants sold the remaining 95 percent for approximately $0.50 each to third parties who were not online lenders and had no legitimate need for this financial information.

The Commission’s complaint alleges that these non-lender third parties included: marketers that made unsolicited sales offers to consumers via email, text message, or telephone call; data brokers that aggregated and then resold consumer information; and phony internet merchants like Ideal Financial Solutions. According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants had reason to believe these marketers had no legitimate need for the sensitive information they were selling.

In the FTC’s case against Ideal Financial Solutions, between 2009 and 2013, Ideal Financial allegedly purchased information on at least 2.2 million consumers from data brokers and used it to make millions of dollars in unauthorized debits and charges for purported financial products that the consumers never purchased. LeapLab provided account information for at least 16 percent these victims.

The complaint notes that LeapLab hired a key executive from Ideal Financial as its own Chief Marketing Officer and then knew that Ideal used the information purchased from it to make unauthorized debits. Yet, the complaint alleges, the defendants continued to sell such information to Ideal.

The defendants in the case, Sitesearch Corp., LeapLab LLC; Leads Company LLC; and John Ayers, are alleged to have violated the FTC Act’s prohibition on unfair practices.

The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint was 5-0. The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, Phoenix Division.

NOTE: The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. The case will be decided by the court.

The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s website provides free information on a variety of consumer topics. Like the FTC on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to press releases for the latest FTC news and resources.

Contact Information
Jay Mayfield
Office of Public Affairs

James Kohm
Bureau of Consumer Protection

Original FTC Filing

FTC v. Sitesearch Corporation, Doing Business As LeapLab


Bloomberg-Payday Loan Lead Generators

'Buzz Bee.BBM logo.500v382' photo (c) 2010, Pierre Rattini - license: Doughtery with Bloomberg wrote an informative piece on payday loan lead generators.

Internet Lenders MUST solve these issues regarding consumer trust, privacy and data protection or they’ll never achieve the velocity they strive for, nor the ability to take market share, from the “brick-n-mortar” stores.


Ultimately, the only consumers who will choose to enter a relationship with an Internet lender, be it a state-licensed, choice-of-law, a tribe, or an offshore operation – this is assuming consumers can even make this determination – will be those consumers who reside in a state that does not have safe-harbor legislation in place nor can the consumer drive across their state border to get one (very common!).


It should be pointed out that a current trend in the payday loan/micro-lending industry is that lead generators are evolving into lenders as well! Their margins are getting squeezed badly and the data-scrubbers are getting very efficient.



Nice job Carter and thanks for the reference! Jer –



Payday Loan Leads

At we receive calls and emails every week asking us about buying and selling payday loan consumer leads and applications. So… we asked the pros at Leap Lab to educate our readers regarding this critical topic.

Don’t think because you’re focused on the “brick-n-mortar model” (stores) that this subject is of zero importance to you. Leads and applications from local customers can make a huge difference in your profits. Never forget the life-time value of your customer.

So… you want to learn more about payday loan leads? Read on…

What is a PDL Lead?
A Payday Loan (PDL) or Cash Advance Lead is a consumer looking to obtain financing through an unsecured loan product which is designed for short term use. Generally a “lead” is classified as an interested consumer who has taken the time to complete a loan application while providing full information. That information includes full name, address, home & mobile numbers, personal identification items, employment status & income, references, and if they currently have an active checking account.

Different sources of PDL leads:
A “source” is the start, beginning, or origin of something. In the marketing industry the terms used to identify different sources are: organic search, search engine optimization, PPC (pay per click), email, banner, contextual, video, print, radio, and TV advertising. Different methodologies have been applied to generate interested consumers looking for a Payday (PDL) or Cash Advance Loan.

Why certain sources are better than others?
Do you wear the same size shoe as all your friends? Of course not! Same thing applies in which scenario of sources are better than others. Typically the most preferred way of obtaining customers is where they initiate a Google or Yahoo search by typing something like “I need a loan”. From the results they will select which advertisement looks most appealing and then hopefully apply for their Payday Day Loan. Every source is existent because it has proven its effectiveness in the market place. As a buyer or lender, you will have to decide which sources are most prevalent to your portfolios needs.

What to watch out for as a buyer/ lender?
The number one issue with a lead generation campaign in any industry is fraud. Buyers should put several verification systems in place to validate the identity of the applicant. The best solution is to verify via phone with every transaction if applicable. The secondary issue would be leads sold multiple times to several buyers all within minutes. A trusted and amicable relationship with your lead provider will go a long way in seeing a positive outcome.

What to expect, how to avoid pitfalls?
Setting clear expectations on what should happen and the type of outcome you might see from the campaign is very important. As we know Murphy’s Law, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong”. A lead generation campaign is no different. Technology can bring situations that were unforeseen at conception as well. Overall working with a trusted partner that has longevity in the industry is ideal. At least you know they are committed to successful solutions.

Rough range of pricing of leads:
There are several ways to price leads. Most common would be purchasing on different tiers or levels in a lead providers market place. That can range from $1 all the way up over $100. Other pricing arrangements could be on a Cost Per Funded Loan (CPFL) or on a Revenue Share (split 80/20) model.

How to help your lead provider do a better job for you?
Communication between your lead provider and you are extremely relative to the outcome of your campaign. Be willing to share statistics of how the loan performs after funding, what sources of leads are converting best, and communicate your realistic expectations of the campaign. Feedback from buyers is the number one key for a successful lead generation campaign.

How to get the most from your leads?
Some buyers after initially buying a lead will not pursue a continued monetization campaign to convert the client if not successful on the first round. The sole responsibility of the marketing company is to bring a prospective customer to your door step but it is the buyer or lenders reasonability to sell them on way they should accept the loan. Be willing to invest additional marketing methods after the lead is received such as offering a special offer via email, call center, or print mailer.

Any other Tips for buying payday loan leads?
Most companies to a certain degree taunt that they have “exclusive leads”. The real question would be how would the lead provider know that you the buyer have never seen that lead before without presenting it to you? Let’s face it, people want money and will go to extreme lengths with multiple applications online to find someone willing to give them money. Please remember that you will see a certain percentage of duplicate leads whether they are from your portfolio or from another lead provider.

Lastly, be cautious of companies asking you to prepay money to receive leads. Unfortunately this isn’t the dollar menu at McDonalds. Make sure the rationalization of why a prepay is required is justifiable.

Want to discuss your situation with a pro? Do you need payday loan leads? Email your contact info to receive additional information free. Email Your Contact Info


Payday Loan, Title Loan & Consumer Loan Affiliate Programs: Making Big Bucks on the Internet

How to Start a Consumer Loan Business: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loan lending, personal loan business

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The Business of Lending Money to the Masses: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loans, line-of-credit lending… So, I get a phone call today from some guy in Denver. He tells me his name is Leo. Leo is interested in setting up a web site business to sell payday loan leads, car title loan leads, personal loan leads, installment loan leads and loan applications. Leo explains that he really doesn’t have the cash to actually “fund”  loans at the present time but he does want to enter the consumer loan space, get familiar with the business of lending money to consumers, and start off making money by joining an affiliate program.

Consumer loan affiliate programs

What? You don’t know what a consumer affiliate program is? No problem! Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business, often called a merchant, rewards their affiliates, often called partners, for each visitor or customer brought to the business or merchant’s web site by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

For example, let’s say ZeroParallel, a payday loan and consumer loan lead generator company has an affiliate program. They are willing to pay those of us having consumer loan oriented web sites to “feed” visitors from our lead gen web site to the ZeroParallel web site. For each web site visitor we send to, we are paid an affiliate commission. The fees we earn as the web site owner can be structured many ways. Typically, for payday loan leads, we might be paid $3 – $150 for each application actually submitted by our web site visitors “fed” to the ZeroParallel website. And, if ZeroParallel actually funds the applicant or sells the lead we might be paid an additional $20+ each!

So… if we set up a very basic web site and are capable of sending hundreds or thousands of our web site visitors to the ZeroParallel web site we could earn thousands of dollars every month while we lounge in our underwear!

Did you know that the search term “payday loan” was searched on more than 1,000,000 times just last month! “Fast cash loan” was searched 210M times last month! And that’s just Let’s not forget Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines out there. That’s a LOT of people wanting to get a consumer loan last month!

Now, the key to getting paid for all these  loan customers sent to ZeroParallel’s web site is to be able to accurately track these visitors and their actions! Today, this is easy! And better, it’s FREE! There are companies that can track all this data and transactions for you! And they charge you, the Affiliate Nothing! Zero! Nada! No cost to the affiliate! They get their fees from the ZeroParallel’s of the world; the consumer loan funding companies that are willing to pay for loan applications so they can fund the loans.

By the way, this is a great way to enter the consumer lending space without having to spend thousands of dollars. After all, you don’t have to immediately begin funding consumer loans. And just like insurance applications or mortgage applications, consumer loan applications submitted by real, live, breathing loan customers are extremely valuable!

Think about it!

A typical consumer loan customer who applies for and receives 3 payday loans per year for ten years is worth a minimum of $2400.
(Conservatively, a payday loan customer gets 3 ea $400 payday loans at $20/$100 loaned = $80 in fees per loan X 3 times/yr = $240/yr X 10 years = $2400 life time value. [Actually, in regards to payday loan borrowers, the average is 6 loans per year. Installment loan borrowers generally have much higher loan principals spread out over 6 months+.]

Add on late fees, their family and friend referrals, etc. and each customer is worth $3000 or more AT A MINIMUM!)

So… in the case of the payday loan product for example, why wouldn’t a payday loan merchant be happy to pay $55 or more to you, a payday loan oriented web site owner for a good customer? Of course they would beg you to take their cash! They would see this transaction as a trade of $55 for $3000 over 10 years! And probably much more since the new, happy customer you just sent from your web site to the payday loan merchant has friends and family they will refer; at $3000 per head!

This strategy works for all kinds of consumer loans. Payday loans [single payment loans], installment loans, car title loans, personal loans… doesn’t matter!

All for a one-time payment to you for $55!

And by the way. If you can learn to do this in the payday loan industry do you think you could do it in other industries as well?

Maybe loan modifications? Long term care insurance leads? Car loans? Mortgages? Refi’s? What industry or niche do you currently have knowledge about? Does this niche need more customers?

HELL YEAH! Who doesn’t need more customers today?

What do you need to get started? KNOWLEDGE! Where can you get it? Simply “Google” the search phrase: fill in the blank _____. For example, “Payday loan affiliate program.” Visit Commission Invest some time learning about this opportunity and then TAKE ACTION. Rinse! Repeat!

Shameless plug… Order our “The Business of Lending Money to the Masses” here: We discuss all aspects of making money in the payday loan space. Installment loans, line of credit lending, payday loans, car title loans… Everything you need to know, from choosing a domain name, selecting a web site hosting company, getting a web site built easily and at a cost of $0 to $250 depending on how much you’re willing to do yourself, how to rank well in search engines, how to find a good, free affiliate program, how to find an affiliate management company to keep your statistics and make certain you get paid like clockwork every month for your leads, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

So, if the thought of making significant money, on automatic pilot excites you, head over to: and invest in yourself and our “Make Money Lending Money Bible”

It’s all laid out for you!

What our “Business of Lending Money to the Masses” Course does is teach you step-by-step how to use the Internet to make money in the consumer loan niche. We can set you free from being one of the “clueless mob” of entrepreneurs and small business owners out there…

… and deliver to you –  on a silver platter –  the missing link to finally being one of the few “clued in” Internet marketers…

… for whom Internet money making success is simply the systematic application of a few obvious steps.

The keywords to consider are: “SIMPLE” – “SYSTEM” – “OBVIOUS.”

One last thought… we don’t want you to think this system requires no effort on your part. You’re going to have to work! There’s a lot to learn. Using the Internet to make significant money is certainly something you can achieve BUT you’ll have to study our material and DO IT! You’ll have to take action!! This can hurt. You’ll be faced with making a choice between watching a great movie on your large screen TV or studying our Course to learn how to drive more payday loan customers to your new web site to make more money.

Is it worth it to you, all this pain? We think not taking action is even more painful. Because, if you follow the crowd and continue to sit back and consume rather than learn to create, you’re going to be sitting in the same exact spot you are now:


How does this feel? Does it hurt? Do you feel the pain? Do you want to make it go away? Yes? Then pay the price and change your life! And, if our system doesn’t grab you, PLEASE find something that does and take a new path all the way to achieve success for YOU!

Order our “The Business of Lending Money to the Masses here:


More consumer loan affiliate programs in no particular order. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! & the Team at Trihouse Payday Loans
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How to Start a Consumer Loan Business: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loan lending, personal loan business

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