Payday Loan, Title Loan & Consumer Loan Affiliate Programs: Making Big Bucks on the Internet

How to Start a Consumer Loan Business: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loan lending, personal loan business

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The Business of Lending Money to the Masses: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loans, line-of-credit lending… So, I get a phone call today from some guy in Denver. He tells me his name is Leo. Leo is interested in setting up a web site business to sell payday loan leads, car title loan leads, personal loan leads, installment loan leads and loan applications. Leo explains that he really doesn’t have the cash to actually “fund”¬† loans at the present time but he does want to enter the consumer loan space, get familiar with the business of lending money to consumers, and start off making money by joining an¬†affiliate program.

Consumer loan affiliate programs

What? You don’t know what a consumer¬†affiliate program is? No problem! Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business, often called a merchant, rewards their affiliates,¬†often called partners, for each visitor or customer brought to the business or merchant’s web site by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

For example, let’s say ZeroParallel, a payday loan and consumer loan lead generator¬†company has an affiliate program. They are willing to pay those of us having consumer loan oriented web sites to “feed” visitors from our lead gen web site to the ZeroParallel¬†web site. For each web site visitor we send to ZeroParallel.com, we are paid an affiliate commission. The fees we earn as the web site owner can be structured many ways. Typically, for payday loan leads, we might be paid $3 – $150 for each application actually submitted by our web site visitors “fed” to the ZeroParallel¬†website. And, if ZeroParallel¬†actually funds the applicant or sells the lead we might be paid an additional $20+ each!

So… if we set up a very basic web site and are capable of sending hundreds or thousands of our web site visitors to the ZeroParallel¬†web site we could earn thousands of dollars every month while we lounge in our underwear!

Did you know that the search term “payday loan” was searched on Google.com more than 1,000,000 times just last month! “Fast cash loan” was searched 210M times last month! And that’s just Google.com. Let’s not forget Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines out there. That’s a LOT of people wanting to get a consumer loan last month!

Now, the key to getting paid for all these¬† loan customers sent to ZeroParallel’s web site is to be able to accurately track these visitors and their actions! Today, this is easy! And better, it’s FREE! There are companies that can track all this data and transactions for you! And they charge you, the Affiliate Nothing! Zero! Nada! No cost to the affiliate! They get their fees from the ZeroParallel’s¬†of the world; the consumer loan funding companies that are willing to pay for loan applications so they can fund the loans.

By the way, this is a great way to enter the consumer lending space¬†without having to spend thousands of dollars. After all, you don’t¬†have to immediately begin funding consumer loans. And just like insurance¬†applications or mortgage applications, consumer loan applications submitted¬†by real, live, breathing loan customers are extremely valuable!

Think about it!

A typical consumer loan customer who applies for and receives 3 payday loans per year for ten years is worth a minimum of $2400.
(Conservatively, a payday loan customer gets 3 ea $400 payday loans at $20/$100 loaned = $80 in fees per loan X 3 times/yr = $240/yr X 10 years = $2400 life time value. [Actually, in regards to payday loan borrowers, the average is 6 loans per year. Installment loan borrowers generally have much higher loan principals spread out over 6 months+.]

Add on late fees, their family and friend referrals, etc. and each customer is worth $3000 or more AT A MINIMUM!)

So… in the case of the payday loan product for example, why wouldn’t a payday loan merchant be happy to pay $55 or¬†more to you, a payday loan oriented web site owner for a good customer? Of course they¬†would beg you to take their cash! They would see this transaction as¬†a trade of $55 for $3000 over 10 years! And probably much more since¬†the new, happy customer you just sent from your web site to the payday¬†loan merchant has friends and family they will refer; at $3000 per head!

This strategy works for all kinds of consumer loans. Payday loans [single payment loans], installment loans, car title loans, personal loans… doesn’t matter!

All for a one-time payment to you for $55!

And by the way. If you can learn to do this in the payday loan industry do you think you could do it in other industries as well?

Maybe loan modifications? Long term care insurance leads? Car loans?¬†Mortgages? Refi’s? What industry or niche do you currently have¬†knowledge about? Does this niche need more customers?

HELL YEAH! Who doesn’t need more customers today?

What do you need to get started? KNOWLEDGE! Where can you get it? Simply “Google” the search phrase: fill in the blank _____. For example, “Payday loan affiliate program.” Visit Commission Junction.com. Invest some time learning about this opportunity and then TAKE ACTION. Rinse! Repeat!

Shameless plug…¬†Order our “The Business of Lending Money to the Masses”¬†here: We discuss all aspects of making money in the payday loan space. Installment loans, line of credit lending, payday loans, car title loans…¬†Everything you need to know, from choosing a domain name, selecting¬†a web site hosting company, getting a web site built easily and at¬†a cost of $0 to $250 depending on how much you’re willing to do yourself,¬†how to rank well in search engines, how to find a good, free affiliate¬†program, how to find an affiliate management company to keep your¬†statistics and make certain you get paid like clockwork every month¬†for your leads, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

So, if the thought of making significant money, on automatic pilot excites you, head over to:
TheBusinessOfLending.com¬†and invest in yourself and our¬†“Make Money Lending Money Bible”

It’s all laid out for you!

What our “Business of Lending Money to the Masses”¬†Course does is teach you step-by-step¬†how to use the Internet to make money in the consumer loan niche. We¬†can set you free from being one of the “clueless mob” of entrepreneurs¬†and small business owners out there…

… and deliver to you –¬† on a silver platter –¬† the missing link to¬†finally being one of the few “clued in” Internet marketers…

… for whom Internet money making success is simply the systematic¬†application of a few obvious steps.

The keywords to consider are: “SIMPLE” – “SYSTEM” – “OBVIOUS.”

One last thought… we don’t want you to think this system requires¬†no effort on your part. You’re going to have to work! There’s a lot¬†to learn. Using the Internet to make significant money is certainly¬†something you can achieve BUT you’ll have to study our material and¬†DO IT! You’ll have to take action!! This can hurt. You’ll be faced¬†with making a choice between watching a great movie on your large¬†screen TV or studying our Course to learn how to drive more payday¬†loan customers to your new web site to make more money.

Is it worth it to you, all this pain? We think not taking action is¬†even more painful. Because, if you follow the crowd and continue to¬†sit back and consume rather than learn to create, you’re going to be¬†sitting in the same exact spot you are now:


How does this feel? Does it hurt? Do you feel the pain? Do you want¬†to make it go away? Yes? Then pay the price and change your life! And,¬†if our system doesn’t grab you, PLEASE find something that does and¬†take a new path all the way to achieve success for YOU!

Order our “The Business of Lending Money to the Masses here:


More consumer loan affiliate programs in no particular order. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!

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How to Start a Consumer Loan Business: Installment lending, car title loan lending, payday loan lending, personal loan business

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  • Kate says:

    its competitive niche nowadays but with trying hard we can still make money being a affiliate.

    • PaydayLoanGuy says:

      As you know Kate, approximately 50% – 60% of US households cannot get their hands on a quick $400 in an emergency. [These stats depend on who paid for the study.] Bottom line, lead generation/sales offer a tremendous revenue stream for entrepreneurs who have access to, or can build out, inbound funnels to potential borrowers. You certainly don’t have to be a lender to profit in the payday loan, car title loan, installment loan, line-of-credit loan product offerings. These leads generally sell for $2 to $200+ each. Funded loans earn the most. Building out affiliate income streams in the “business of lending to the masses” is thoroughly covered in our “Bible: How to Loan Money to the Masses Profitably.” CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY!

  • Bart says:

    Can I still make money with payday loan affiliate programs now that the CFPB is making new rules?

    • PaydayLoanGuy says:

      Of course. See the Affiliate Chapter in our “Bible.”

    • PaydayLoanGuy says:

      Well of course! There will always be a demand for entrepreneurs who can bring lenders and borrowers together.

    • PaydayLoanGuy says:

      If you’re a smart entrepreneur, rules can be a good thing! At first glance, potential competitors – folks who are thinking about entering the payday loan affiliate space – think it’s too hard. They throw in the towel immediately and move on to something”easy.” You on the other hand, willing to do a little “work,” will identify the opportunity. Follow up! Copy the competition; the affiliates already in the payday loan lead gen/affiliate space. Always be learning, testing and iterating. For more on affiliate programs, get a copy of our, “Bible: The Business of Lending Money to the Masses Profitably.” CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

  • vig says:

    Nice post.

  • what is proxy says:

    As an Internet user you must be aware that a Web server records
    and logs the IP address of each website you visit,
    which can later be used by hackers. Now I am not saying all proxies are bad
    but some of them are run by hackers and scammers out to rob
    unsuspecting victims of their identity and ultimately
    their hard earned cash.A suffix proxy server offers or dooes two functions.

    Review my webpage – what is proxy

  • Bridge says:

    Awesome article, you are right on point about the payday loan industry and different forms of traffic (affiliates, direct, refs, etc)

  • Jack says:

    This is a great niche, but it is now extremely competitive, ton of sites already there, PPC bid is very high. You need some serious cash and time to invest on SEO and other marketing, before seeing any result.

  • 888 payday says:

    I’ve been making SERIOUS money as an affiliate in 3 niches for the past years. It’s a great lifestyle?

  • Phil says:

    Anybody knows if it’s worth to set up a website, and pay serious money to SEO company to take my affiliate website from nowhere to first page ? It is gonna payback?

  • Rejinold says:

    I’ve been making SERIOUS money as an affiliate in 3 niches for the past years. It’s a great lifestyle?

  • Rhonda says:

    With the upcoming holiday’s payday loans can help consumers finish up their holiday shopping. As others have mentioned, you’ll need to be sure you have the funds to pay off the loan when due.
    Then, enjoy!

  • P Brett says:

    Payday loans are an important part of the lending industry. Payday lenders are still willing to lend while traditional banks are keeping a tight grasp on their cash. Online affiliates offer reviews and other important information to the customer. Its an excellent way to drive business.

  • Local Builders says:

    pay day loans is certainly a huge market and an amazing opportunity for affiliate marketers. The same information used for the payday loan market can be used in other markets for sure. “Who doesn‚Äôt need more customers today?”

  • Joe says:

    This article really hits the nail on the head, there is a lot of money to be made through affiliate programs. Also, As Lydia touched on, it is becoming increasingly harder to get ranked due to the creative SEO techniques used by these affiliate sites.

  • Quick Cash Advance Loans says:

    Payday loans are a great option if you are looking for some cash to keep yourself afloat until your next payday. These are short duration loans which are given before payday, and therefore come in handy to avert bad situations. Anyway its interesting article.

  • Chips says:

    Its a crowded market place but if you can get to the top of google there is money to be made

  • Lydia says:

    You’re absolutely right. Payday loan affiliates plus solid SEO skill is a huge opportunity for serious cash. The problem that I find is that many of the affiliate sites that are already set up use some shady linkbuilding techniques to get themselves ranked. I’m not saying I have a problem with them doing it, just that I didn’t think of it first!!

    Great post.

  • J Hobbs says:

    I agree, A Payday Loan can be a lifesaver when you need it. Beware that some can also be a trap and you may end up farther behind then when you started. Like anything, do your home work and make sure the Payday Loan is right for you!

  • Emily Winkle says:

    Payday loans are a great resource, but they need to be used responsibly just like a credit card or other traditional loan. Check ‘n Go offers payday loans in many states, and also from the convenience of your own home.

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