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How to Start a Pawnshop Business

Add Pawn -Collateralized Loans

Add Pawn & Collateralized Loans to Your Store

Collateral Lending Made Easy: Turn-Key Pawn for Stores

Add pawn  to your existing business. Everything included to make this easy for you!

Are your profits down? Is your check cashing, payday loan or cash for gold revenue plummeting?   Regulatory environment more difficult? Going to “lose” your bank account?

Pawn-Safe has the solution for you. Pawn-Safe delivers a turn-key program that offers increased revenues, non-MSB regulations, and a stable regulatory environment.   Pawn-Safe is a robust software and business model designed to help small financial service store fronts benefit by providing collateral lending as an additional service to their clientele.

  • Pawn-Safe Delivers the Whole Package
    • Software
    • Training
    • Collateral Valuation
    • E-Commerce Management
    • Reporting
  • How Do You Benefit by using Pawn-Safe
    • Increased Revenues
    • Increased Traffic
    • Additional Service to Satisfy your Customers
    • Better Utilization of Employees and Location
    • Added Value to your Business
  • What is Required for Starting a Pawn-Safe Program in your Store
    • Space – You need space for a safe, 16 feet of storage shelving, internet access, a laser printer, a label printer, a hand scanner (optional)  and some work area. (Approximately 150 sq. ft. will get you started)
    • Personnel – Initially most stores use only existing personnel
    • Capital – Start up and Equipment Costs, Funds to support loan growth
  • Our Program is Not Just Software   It includes:
  • Valuation Buying / Selling Software  The software will enable you to determine the value of an item your customer wants to sell or pawn with you and tell your employee what they should pay or loan for the item based on your specific profit criteria.
  • Online listing Software  The software will value items by searching the internet and return a suggested value configured by you according to the profits you want to maintain.  The software will auto list items on Amazon and you can keep the items out for sale on the sales floor at the same time.  Whichever selling venue sells the item first the software will de-list from the other venue.  On Amazon the software will re-price once a day to either lower or increase the selling price of your item to maintain an asking price equal to the lowest price on Amazon less  1 penny.
  • Training  Software procedures, collateral evaluation, inventory control, police procedures and relations.
  • Licensing The team at Pawn-Safe knows exactly what licensing you need (if any) and the fees you can charge your customers. We’ll help you navigate this.
  • Ongoing Support   Software Support (database and procedures), collateral valuation  databases and calculators,  E-Commerce management, valuation up-dates.

Request more information and see how your store can begin making more money immediately: PAWN-SAFE Click here.


How to Start a Pawnshop Business Franchise

If you have any interest in the Pawn Industry, read on. If not, DELETE NOW!

The pawn shop industry is experiencing tremendous growth and prosperity in spite of having an image problem. Reality TV and tough economic times for the US economy during  the next several years promises continued profits for pawn operators.

TV shows like “Pawn Stars” have reminded consumers and entrepreneurs  that the  “world’s oldest profession” – think PAWN – offers opportunities for getting cash for the former and opportunity for the latter.

Still the challenge of getting consumers to take that first step through the pawn shop door can be daunting.
As one Money Mizer pawn shop operator pointed out regarding typical customer perceptions, “They envision a small store with poor lighting,  a shady operation, with pawn operators trying to take advantage of you. That’s just not the situation any longer. Our pawn stores are elegant, well lit, and employ customer oriented, knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to provide our customers with a temporary loan, solve their current financial problem and create a long-term relationship by adding one more financial choice for our customer.

The latest quarterly profits at the three publicly traded pawn store operators reflect the growth the pawn industry is enjoying. Cash America International Inc., Ezcorp Inc. and First Cash Financial Services Inc. each reported net incomes that were up at least 25 percent from a year ago.
Pawn shops have entered the realm of pop culture with the History Channel’s reality TV show Pawn Stars. “We’re experiencing a surge of customers who have never been in a pawn shop before,” Money Mizer said. “They are fascinated by it!”

The average pawn customer is 36 years old with a household income of $29,000. Eighty percent are employed and a third are homeowners, according to figures from the National Pawnbrokers Association. People come into pawn shops from all income levels; from public assistance to wealthy individuals.

So, if you’re like me and are intrigued by the pawn shop industry and want to dig a little deeper into the opportunity, read on. We bring to your attention the Money Mizer Franchise Opportunity. Check out their offering below and follow-up with them directly to explore…

With financial challenges, increased debt and a lack of banking relations putting the pressure on so many Americans, there has never been a better time to offer your community a full range of pawn, banking and retail services.

The Time Is Right

The Money Mizer franchise program is a tremendous opportunity and it could be just right for you. We provide the support you need to open and operate your Money Mizer business. We assist with everything from site location to store layout and from start-up assistance to specialized software for monitoring business functions. The operations manual is detailed and comprehensive making the Money Mizer franchise program complete and fully functional so that you can grow your business in every way.

Taking Pawn To The Next Level

Since founding our 1st store in 1980, we have broken new ground in the pawn industry by developing unique, high-end stores that offer quality new and used products at bargain prices as well as comprehensive niche banking services. We also use the internet to expand our market reach. This is the business model we build on with all our franchise partners. It’s a winning formula that can work for you, too.

Start Making It Happen Today

Visit us online:
Or call for immediate info: 855-482-PAWN


And if you’re an advertiser or vendor offering solutions to the AFS industry contact us to appear here and in our Newsletter. 702-208-6736


History Channel & Pawn Shops

The History Channel is one of the few free programming channels offering worth while content; Charlie Rose is another favorite of ours.

Among the series and specials in production and development by comes:


It’s one of the oldest forms of banking, and until the 1950’s, it was the leading form of consumer credit in the U.S. Now, the fascinating world and history of the pawn shop is revealed in the new character-driven series, PAWNING HISTORY. The 13 episode long series centers on the only family-owned pawn shop in Las Vegas, where three generations of men — grandfather, father and son — entertainingly clash while running the business together, using their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of items their colorful customers bring in, objects ranging from the obscure to the truly historic. 13 episodes; Produced by Leftfield Pictures.


Even the Rich Using Pawnshops! Are Payday Loans Next?

The Royal Pawn & Jewelry location in Royal Palm Beach, Florida is experiencing record transactions in high-end jewelry, fine art and automobiles.

Thanks to our current economy and the arrest of ponzi-king Bernard Madoff, or should we say “made-off as in made-off with all our money”, even the very rich are heading to their local pawnshop to make it through the week.

Levi Touger, co-owner of Royal Pawn & Jewelry, said big ticket items, including more than one ferrari and several yachts, are finding their way to his pawn shop. Having lost millions with Madoff, these “Royal Palm Beachers” need to get their hands on cash quick!

I sure hope the Palm Beach payday loan stores are stocking up on cash as well. I wouldn’t want the poodles in the area to want for their weekly shampoo.

Oh, if you’re planning to head over to Levi’s place for a deal on a 10 carat diamond ring, better wait. Florida state law requires pawn shops to provide 60 days for owners of pawned items to redeem them.


Record Payday Loan Profits

First Cash Financial Services Inc. indicated increased revenue streams from its pawn shop operations have resulted in a major uptick to its earnings expectations for 2008.

Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, First Cash Financial (NASDAQ: FCFS), which operates pawn, loan and check-cashing stores, has increased its 2008 earnings per share guidance to an estimated range of $1.24 to $1.26 per share from its previous range of $1.17 to $1.20 per share. The company ramped up its guidance by 35 percent. The majority of this revenue growth and projected profitability will occur in its pawn shop operations.

Obviously the current economy and 2009 projections are creating an increased demand for payday advances and pawn “instant cash” needs of customer of First Cash.

Year-to-date same-store revenue jumped 15 percent!

(See our last Payday Loan Newsletter at Payday Loan for our expectations for 2009 payday advance and auto title lending increased expectations.)

Revenue from pawn shop operations alone made up 78 percent of the company’s total quarterly revenue, First Cash said. (Further inquiry should reveal scrap gold buying and selling profits were a good portion of this. See Gold into for how to offer this revenue stream yourself.)

During the third quarter, First Cash posted a profit of $46 million, or $1.54 per diluted share, down from a profit of $10 million, or 32 cents per diluted share, during the same period last year. The company’s loss comes as it continues to holds its discontinued Auto Master automotive business unit, which it has offered for sale for several months.

A one-time charge of $52.6 million related to the discontinuation of the company’s auto loan business also was recorded in the most recent quarter, having an impact on the company’s final net earnings.

Once again payday loan fans, 2009 is going to be a year in which we will have significant opportunity to help the consumer deal with the screw ups on Wall Street!