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Free Tool: Keyword Searches for Payday Loans, Personal Loans & Title Loans

How to start a cash advance businessDo you have a clue what keywords your small dollar loan customer is using to “find” you?

Want a free tool that TELLS YOU EVERYTHING about what your customer is looking for in a loan?

When a payday loan customer needs a fast cash loan, where do they start?

Unless they live around the corner from you, they whip out their phone.

Then what? Got a clue? You THINK maybe they type in “payday loan?”

So… because you THINK they search for “payday loan,” all of your marketing spend should be devoted to “payday loan?” Your signage, your direct mail, your coupons, your sign spinners, your billboards, your car graphic wrap…

How to Start a Loan BusinessWould you like to know FOR SURE what your potential loan customers are searching for to “find” you?

A FREE tool to enable your Team to FOCUS on the mindset of loan customers?

I’ve written about this tool before BUT it’s obvious from the questions I GET EVERY DAY FROM MY CONSULTING CLIENTS that this simple, free tool is still overlooked!

Let me extol the virtues of the Google Trend Tool again.

First, consider this. I’ve been in Europe the past MANY months.

I picked up my mail; FINALLY!

Swear to god, there was over 12 pounds of B.S. loan offers from the likes of Prosper, Lending Club, Capital One, my neighborhood tribe lender, Bank of America, Discover, American Express…

I was “PREAPPROVED for over $250,000,000!  Here’s just a sample:



This Google Trends Chart reveals that during the past year, in the United States, the search loan term “PERSONAL LOAN” was the PREFERRED search term by small dollar loan customers. It wasn’t even close!

  • Payday loan?
  • Installment loan?
  • Title loan?
  • Signature loan?
  • Personal loan?

“Personal loan” WINS HUGELY (Well used President Trump favorite word.)

Now, you should know that as an owner of a payday loan store, a car title loan location, any kind of non-collateralized lender – including Internet based lenders – YOU can narrow this Google Trends too down to your state or province level! This is a really cool tool. Some one on your staff should be using it to determine where and how to spend your marketing and advertising dollars. If your time as an owner/operator was freed up with this keyword search word phrase, maybe you could concentrate on securing a backup bank account, credit card and debit card processor? Check this out: Processing & bank accounts.

Again, THIS TOOL IS FREE! I love free. Don’t you?

Keywords for payday loan, personal loans & car title loans

Keywords for payday loan, personal loans & car title loans

You can easily detect that Google searches for “personal loan” FAR outweighed searches for “payday loan!”

In fact, searches for “title loan” very nearly approached searches for “payday loan.”

Searches for “installment loan” led the bottom of the pack AND yet, that is the very term all the “big boys” like Avant, Enova… highlight in their quarterly financial reports!

You can even filter down by city.

Here’s an example of the top metro/cities for “Payday Loan:”



And, you can filter the Google Trend Tool by Region:



And, by “Related Search Terms” for car title loan lending for example:



You want to know where your next marketing campaign should be focused? You want to know where and how to spend your money? You want to know who your new loan customers could be and what THEY ARE THINKING? Use this tool! Google Trends.

And while you’re at it, get a copy of one of our latest small dollar loan manuals here:

What do you think about this Google Trend Tool? Can it help you?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

How to Loan Money to the Masses!

How to Loan Money to the Masses!


Payday Loan Franchise?


The BIGGEST Challenge for Every PDL Operator is Customer Acquisition.

This just in from Miro: On the payday loan, title loan, installment and line-of-credit loan frontline;

The BIGGEST challenge for every lender is Customer Acquisition.  This applies whether you’re online or storefront.

We’re all fighting and clawing to get a new borrower.  More importantly, we’re working to find a GOOD, well paying new customer.

You know that Google [Miro], Google [Jer] and FACEBOOK [Miro] FACEBOOK [Jer] blacklisted our small dollar >36% APR industry a long time ago. It’s not fair, or pretty.  Here’s a link to Google’s TOS.

But that’s what it is.

I work in the Payday Loan/AutoTitle industry.  And I perform a lot of internet consulting.  A week ago, a course was launched that blew me away.

The internet marketing industry is ALSO blacklisted from advertising on Facebook.

This group has presented a course that shows a workaround.  Following this program, you will be able to get targeted customers, and buy ads on Facebook, at very reasonable cost per click.

This is a HUGE opportunity, as there are no other people in our space using this strategy RIGHT NOW.   Will this continue to work for the next month, six months?  Or a year?

I honestly don’t know.

But it’s an opportunity to leverage the Facebook Platform to get new customers.

Here’s a quick video and I’ll explain:

Link to Youtube Explanation: Facebook PDL Ads

Here’s a link to the course I’m talking about:

Payday Loan Facebook Course

Thanks for taking the time.  Be GREAT our there!

Miro Posavec & Team Trihouse

Miro p. Payday Loan University



Payday-Installment-Title loan Store Marketing Ideas: 101

Marketing Ideas. By the guys who wrote the book on starting a payday loan, installment or title loan business.

What’s a payday, installment, title loan lender to do? How do you get more customers? Google? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Blogs, Direct mail? Yellow Pages Online? Buy leads? Billboards? What REALLY works? Acheiving success in increasing your loan portfolio size is a Pain in the ASS! A SLOW, long-term process.

It’s the simple stuff that works!

For our loan stores, we do use Google PPC and Bing but VERY localized (zip codes, city, county…) because the general PDL phrases are simply too expensive and poorly convert. Also, the lead gen companies have the time/expertise to FOCUS on this.

Storefront lenders must have a website that looks great on a phone! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TODAY! 70% of the traffic coming to our websites are from a customer on their smart phone. We’re not trying to get apps completed on the smart phone but it does happen occasionally. Our #1 goal is to provide a customer with store directions via Google Maps, consumer visits and inbound phone calls with a formal appointment setup and then a call back to the customer before (reminders) and after the appointment (feedback). ALWAYS BE ASKING THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER FOR THE APPOINTMENT!

Marketing? Our stores primarily do a lot of:

  • Local direct mail
  • Door hangars
  • Car wraps
  • Answer the damn phone! And do it right!! “How did you hear about us?”  [Understaffed? After hours?Use the experts at Centrinex discussed on a previous Post.]
  • Sign spinners
  • Community outreach
  • Billboards
  • Bandit signs [Yeah sure, check your city code enforcement. Or just do it and ask for forgiveness.]
  • Referral programs with businesses that service our demographic and need to be made aware of how we can help the merchant make more money. I’m referring to lawyers, bail bondsman, mechanics, Aamco transmission, brake shops, tire and rim companies, other PDL/title loan stores that employ different loan criteria or don’t service the same loan areas we do, tax preparers… GET CREATIVE!

WE ARE FOCUSED on determining who provided the referral and to pay them for it SOON IN CASH!! This makes a HUGE difference in regularity, quality and quantity of referrals! Of course, referrals from existing customers are treated with the same diligence and rewards. (And they are probably the most valuable leads we can get!) Your loan management software can be a BIG HELP with this process! [Does YOUR LMS offer many features enabling this “tagging” or are they weak? Do you even know?  This feature is a MUST today! Want to know which software companies we like and why? Most are TERRIBLE! Click Here]

Car Title Loan Advertising IdeaI used to own some Enterprise franchises. Rain or shine, a pretty girl or handsome face showed up at body shops – one of our target markets – REGULARLY with donuts, biz cards, pens, … THIS WORKS! Over and over again. Week in and week out! You must be manic about getting out from behind your desk and visiting these merchants in the field! Develop a script to briefly describe your business, why it’s good for the merchant and for the merchant’s customer. Then MAKE SURE you’re company does not do ANYTHING to make this merchant’s life more difficult because of your PDL/Title/Installment company’s actions!

I’ve ALWAYS thought the owner of the PDL/TITLE/INSTALLMENT store should personally do this at least one day every month! The owner has to get out in the field. Visit these potential referral businesses! Ask open ended questions! How is the business owner doing? How’s business? What are her/his challenges today? How can my business help this merchant? What’s working for them to increase THEIR sales revenue? What isn’t? Can we stay in touch? Additionally, assign employees to visit these merchants as well – every week on a formal schedule. Some of your employees will embrace this. Others will rebel. Role playing BEFORE in practice sessions with your Team will help prepare them for this. With time and effort, they will get better and yield referrals. CONSISTENCY is crucial!

Conduct a formal review of these visits immediately after returning from these field visits! Develop a check list and comments section. Who did your Team meet with? Their role? What was said? Outcome? Follow-up? Measure results.

Pick up a dozen donuts and just do it! Weekly!! No excuses!!! It’s about sales!!!! Document this strategy; hopefully with your loan management software!!!!! Repeat. Rinse. Do it again.

For most of us this is HARD! What do you say to the merchant? What’s your opening line? What if the merchant is busy? “I’m here to help us both make more money without burdening you with more hassles!” And don’t overlook any of the merchant’s employees who are present. You tell a Bail Bondsman’s office personnel that there’s cash available for referrals, THEY WILL SEND YOU CUSTOMERS! We have a car tire rim installer at a local tire/rim company who sends us 3-5 new clients every month. We have a stereo installer at a car stereo joint that sends us 2 – 6 new borowers every month! Susan, a car title lender in Los Angeles is using an inflatable character in front of her store to drum-up more business. This is working for her! People even have their pictures taken with it and post them on Facebook and Instagram. [If she picks up just one new customer a month with this approach, how much $$ in revenue will she earn over the life-time of this borrower? $1000? $5,000? $10,000? More?And from this borrower’s friends and family – referrals?]

You  know none of this is rocket science! Just good old Guerilla Marketing with a manic obsession!
Jer – Trihouse 702-208-6736 Comments? Questions? Share what’s working for you!!


Scummy PDL Marketing Tactics: Continued

If this wasn’t so EVIL, I’d be jealous!

If you have a business website or are planning one, read on.

If this topic is too technical for you, forward it to your website developer! It’s a big deal if you’ve been hit!

Static HTML websites are dead. WordPress sites having responsive, mobile friendly capabilities are the direction for our loan industry.

I’ve previously written about Google’s Adwords policy regarding loan products.

Google has banned all loan products having >36% APR’s.

So…for those of us who were foolish enough to depend solely on Google Adwords to drive our loan transaction volume, we’ve been crushed.

UNLESS your Team has the talent to take advantage of this Google development.

The creators of 404 to 301 Plugin Redirect did!

“A 404 error is often returned when website pages have been moved or deleted.. If you care about your website, you should take steps to avoid 404 errors as it affects your search engine optimization [SEO] negatively. 404 ( Page not found ) errors are common and we all hate it, especially Search engines like Google and Bing! Install this plugin then sit back and relax. It will take care of 404 errors!”

Without getting too technical, the creators of 404 to 301 Plugin Redirect created a Plugin for WordPress websites that inserts the following code on your Homepage AND on an Exit Popup:

“Make Ends Meet With Payday Loans.”

“It is often very easy to face any financial emergency if you have adequate money to pay for them. But, this can seem all too impossible if you often live from one paycheck to another. How will you be able to pay for your urgent financial emergencies? Most often than not, you can’t. Face the reality, when your job is unable to pay for your financial emergencies, it is best to turn to payday loan providers out there.”
[rest of content removed including link to payday loans site]

NOTE: This evil tactic came to my attention because my Team runs several websites on WordPress platforms including,,

What happened?

You run a website using a WordPress platform. You want to avoid 404 errors. You find a free plugin to enable your site to avoid displaying a 404 error. EXCEPT, this plugin advertises payday loans for your competitor!

Get rid of this Plugin! Today!

And be on the lookout for more dastardly tactics employed by your payday loan competitors.

Read the original article by Wordfence HERE: WordFence


PAIN and Small Dollar Lending


I get calls every day from lenders in PAIN!

What kind of PAIN you ask?

• Fear about what the CFPB/regulators will do to us
• What our friends, family and neighbors think of us
• What new city ordinance is going to be passed against us
• Who might sue us next
• How do we collect our money

The #1 PAIN? How to take care of our existing customers and how to get more of them!

At a minimum, there are 45 MILLION+ customers out there who want to do business with us.

The LIFE TIME VALUE (LTV) of just one customer is $4,236 – $15,000+ in fees generated!

So… if you miss just ONE customer you’re talking about SERIOUS PAIN!

(Relax! I’m getting to PAIN relief)

Look, I have no clue as to what the CFPB will do – if ANYTHING. The Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee just introduced HR4018. This changes the game in our favor BIG TIME! And CSFA, FISCA, OLA, NASFA, our lobbyists, our State associations are all working hard…

If you’re still concerned about what your friends, family and neighbors think, open a pizza store. I’m certain that too will meet with some disapproval.

City Ordinances? As I’ve been saying for years, “Embrace the Internet or Die!” Cities can’t enforce their crazy laws anyway. The State will prevail. But, be prepared…

Most importantly, let’s not forget our customers. Our CUSTOMERS support us big time! Over and over again – at hearings, meetings and CFPB rallies, they’ve expressed their desire for continued access to our products and services!



Online & Storefront Lenders.
Don’t lose a customer because you’re CLOSED. Be available 24/7 to make loans/$$
Are you losing business to your competition because of your hours of operation?
You want to service more customers? You want to make more loans? The magic words are “SPEED” and “AVAILABILITY.”

Speed of customer contact is huge! If you wait five minutes to call a lead after you purchase it, chances are the customer has been contacted by someone else already.

If your customer has to wait in line while your CSR’s answer your phone, they will bolt!

How many times have you experienced this yourself? You’re in a place of business. You wait in line for your turn. The phone rings. Suddenly, the caller on the phone has literally jumped into line ahead of you. The caller is not placed on hold. YOU are! Patience is not a virtue!

During the past week, Team Trihouse called 132 loan companies after hours. 93% of the time, all we got was a poorly worded recorded voice!

“Hello, sorry we missed you. Our hours are Monday through Friday 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Saturdays 10 A.M to 2 P.M. Please leave a message and we’ll return your call. BEEP…”

As “The Donald” would say, “STUPID!” 82% of the companies we left a message with NEVER returned our call.

Lenders are spending $$ on store branches, signage, leads, TV, radio, car wraps, direct mail, bus benches, on and on while FAILING miserably at serving their customers.

OK, ENOUGH! How do we fix this?

Hire and train more CSR’s and staff them 24/7.

WHOOPS! That’s expensive, time consuming and hard to scale.

A simpler way? Try Centrinex

OK, here comes the PITCH.

But seriously, I know Centrinex works! You can stop being “STUPID.” You can be “open” 24/7 and beat the pants off your competition.

Remember your customer’s Life Time Value? $4,236 – $15,000+


• Centrinex has provided outsourced call center services to the short term lending industry for over 10 years, with 5 facilities (Domestic and Near-shore), and 25+ lenders currently enjoying the advantages of having partnered with Centrinex.

• Flexible solutions from standard operating hours to after-hours coverage, shared resources and even per-minute billing are available. You can expand your hours of operation without expanding your real estate and salary expense. Ramp-up as your needs dictate.

• Centrinex will call your loan applicant immediately. The moment your loan form is submitted by your loan customer a Centrinex CSR will call them while they’re still at their computer!

• When your phone rings, a Centrinex CSR will answer in seconds.

• After hours coverage allows you to purchase lower cost leads when your competition has closed for the day.

• Loan applicant fraud is HUGE. Partner with Centrinex – a Team who already “knows the ropes” and can assist in refining your underwriting to maximize loan performance.

• Online application abandonment. Centrinex can provide “Overflow Coverage” for peak periods your in-house staff cannot support.

• 24/7 Centrinex call center support for lead sellers. Maximize your lead inventory and monetize your denied leads.

• Centrinex works with all loan management software programs.

• Multi-lingual CSR’s available

• Collections: Centrinex averaged 35%+ success on 30 day debt in 2015

• Champion-Challenger: Is your current call center performing as well as you think? Run a campaign against your internal Team to find out.

• Disaster Recovery: Maintain a small, low cost staff solution with Centrinex in event of unexpected down-time/failure.

Frank Cotton 678-851-8116 (Cell)

Are you attending CFSA in The Bahamas March 7th – 10th? Look for Frank. Give him a call.

Frank Cotton: Centrinex

Frank Cotton: Centrinex

Here’s Frank’s ugly mug:

Frank Cotton
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