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2 Licensed CAB’s Available for Sale in Dallas Area-Will Sell FAST!

Hello Dear Reader, Two items of interest:

1) Two Dallas Texas CAB stores for sale immediately!

Today, we have two licensed CAB’s – exquisite targets for those of you with a desire to enter the highly lucrative Dallas, Texas consumer loan market – ready for a quick sale.

The Texas alternative financial services industry – that’s payday lending, title lending, installment loan lending, line of credit loans… is second in size only to Calif WITHOUT ALL the headaches Calif. has!

Both CAB businesses are located around the Dallas, Texas area. These are licensed CAB’s. They’ve been open for a year+. Buyer(s) can assume sellers license and does not need to be an existing CAB in the State of Texas.
The two stores:
  • Have good locations
  • Great signage
  • Excellent parking
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Both are close to major anchor stores
  • Both are clean, bright, primary colors with large windows
  • Large customer lobbies with welcoming customer counters
  • Efficient back office areas for discrete operations, safety & functionality.
  • LMS data easily exported.
  • Each location may be purchased separately
  • Each store is approx. 14 months old with roughly $20K portfolios/ea
  • Absentee business owners: New owner(s) can to scale these stores significantly with the right ownership!
  • CRITICAL: We will ignore all “requests for more information” that simply ask for more details, financials… but fail to disclose your FULL contact information. To speak to these Texas store owners, gain access to the P&L’s, visit the stores & evaluate these two opportunities, YOU MUST divulge who you are in order to be taken seriously! [Put yourself in the sellers shoes.] Texas CAB’s that are already in operation sell quickly. It’s common for Internet lenders to develop a single store front location in order to launch their loan business, secure a CAB license, a bond and then scale their loan portfolio substantially.  Email: to begin your exploration.

2) Need to improve your existing storefront or internet consumer lending operation?

FOR EXPERIENCED Payday, title and installment lenders only:

Invest in Miro’s “Powerhouse Payday or Title Loan Course. [These Courses are NOT for beginners!]

Learn how to expand your portfolio size, reduce first time defaults, increase collections, employ social media… all the advanced actions you are failing at in your business today: Click here to visit Miro’s Powerhouse Courses!

How to Start a Car Title loan Business

Learn how to become a lender.


8 New Deals Available: Small Dollar Lending, Investments & Opportunities

I have 8 new deals for your consideration today.

Buy/sell/invest in small dollar lending/SAS/Cannabis companies. (PS: If YOU have a “deal” reach out! See below)

In no particular order:


  • Goal: Capital raise in order to fund additional consumer loans employing the State licensing loan model.
  • Investor(s) needed.
  • Small Mngt. Team has nearly 50 years combined experience.
  • Company has funded tens of millions of dollars of consumer installment loans during the past 18 years via stores and the Internet. Avg. consumer loan = $500.
  • Debt & equity capital infusions considered.


  • Licensed New Mexico “Small Loan Company” Acquisition Opportunity
  • Brick & Mortar Retail Store Location Offering Installment Loans
  • As of May 2018:
    • Location in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Employee operated
    • Consumer Loan Term 6-12 months/ Max APR 175%
    • $85K portfolio
    • 500 past borrowers not active but in good standing for future loan transactions.
    • New NM rules in effect: Current portfolio is a majority of “Unsecured Installment Loan Rule of 78th.”
    • 5-year Gross Revenue History avg. $300K/month
  • Other Details of Interest:
    • Simple Interest Loans are no longer offered in NM due to new regulations effective January of 2018.
    • Meaning? Zero fear of potential new laws in foreseeable future; overcomes the proposed CFPB payday loan rule.
    • All Loans passed 2018 State of New Mexico “DFI” examination.
  • Asking Price: $150,000. 


  • Need a bank – an ODFI – for your loan operation? Need ACH, debit and credit card processing? Tribe & State licensed welcomed. Easy on boarding process. Startups considered. ISO’s and brokers not welcome; no middlemen. You deal with the bank. No one has better rates!


  • Entrepreneur with 20+ years title loan and check cashing experience seeking additional funding for Florida title loan, multi-store startup. Co-founder of original Florida Check Cashers Assoc. High-tech founder re-entering the B2C lending industry. Equity/debt relationship… Noteworthy why? Because the small dollar lending environment has become VERY positive in light of recent regulatory developments, CFPB changes, Fintech, the economy…


  • 10+ loan stores available in the Greater Ontario Area operating under a variety of brands. Can be assimilated under one “umbrella.”


  • CSO/CAB El Paso Texas. Buyout a partner who is ill? Possibilities are extensive. Locally owned. Survived city ordinances… Great opportunity to enter the #2 small dollar loan market in the world; Texas. 


  • State-of-the-art, small dollar loan management/website builder SAS company with existing clients in the USA & Canada looking for a U.S representative for marketing, introductions, trade shows… Equity considered. Standout SAS loan software with recurring monthly revenue: MRR. 


  • MANY of my readers have been with me since the early 2000’s when I launched this small dollar loan industry Newsletter.
  • RISK is in our blood! It’s the nature of lending $$$$$.
  • MANY of my readers, friends and ME, have begun investing in cannabis; the fastest growing industry in the world!. I’ve personally funded a few grow facilities, dispensaries and a test lab. I’m into cannabis banking solutions and CBD online credit/debit card processing as well.
  • REACH out if you need banking, ACH/Credit/Debit processing, have deals, an interest, or capital you want to put to work in the California marijuana space.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in any of these opportunities:

  • Email Jer at
  • TYPE: “OPPORTUNITY & the Number” in your email subject.
  • You must include your name & contact info in the Body of your email in order to receive details, investor documents, disclosures… ANY followup!

To forward this or read Online:

Finally, as I usually end these pieces: GO MAKE SOME MONEY! And do a little good while you’re at it!!

Jer – Trihouse Consulting 702-208-6736


California Car Title Loan Portfolio Available

Calif. Title Loan Portfolio for Sale:

Two quick things

1) California Car Title Loan Portfolio for sale. Who wants it?

Car title loan lending business located in Southern California with an approximate $3.9 million loan portfolio.

Average car title loan is $5800. Typical loan terms are 2 years; fully amortized.

Typical LTV 50% to 60%. All loans are in the Southern Calif area.

Average annual interest rate 104%. with your contact info. Put “Title Loans” in the “Subject.”

2) The inquiries for the payday loan kiosk are through the roof! We are reaching out to every one as fast fast as humanely possible!

If you somehow missed the Payday Loan Kiosk opportunity – maybe you were at CFSA – here’s the link with a full explanation:

Now go out and BE BAD!

Jer – Trihouse


8 Payday Loan Stores for Sale in South Carolina

8 payday stores for sale in South Carolina.  $700,000+ in receivables.  4 of the 8 locations have been open for more than 5 years.

All stores are in high visibility areas of traffic with one location in a WalMart shopping center.  Leases are transferable.  All locations are within 45 minutes to an hour travel from each other.

Stores make a profit month over month.  Financials available with a signed NDA.

Along with Deferred Presentment 2 of the locations offer check cashing, Money Gram and a fax service.

Long term employees in place that will stay on during and after the transition.

Contact Info:   Kevin Allred – (843) 312-5824 or



California PDL, Car Title, Check Cashing & Money Transfer  Business is available.
Two locations in Orange County, Calif. 
This is a great opportunity in a growing industry. Step into an 8 year old, established business and grow it.
This is a profitable business with strong day-to-day management in place. The business consists of 2 locations that can be managed from any location (Web based Loan Management Software in place).
You will need an additional $100 to $125K in working capital to make loans after sale.
Owner/seller motivated and negotiable.
Detailed Information:
Facilities: 2 Super locations. Great visibility and well maintained! Key employees in place and employee operated.
Competition: Demand for well-located, highly visible stores in Orange County (So. Calif.) is strong. Consumer demographics are ideal for these services. Since 1997, California continues to have excellent, enabling legislation and an easy path to state licensing in place. (Seller will help/advise.)
Support/Training: Extensive training and on-going support will be provided by the seller. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THIS INDUSTRY.
Next Step?
Provide your name, phone number and best time to call you.
NO BROKERS ARE INVOLVED! You will speak directly with the owner.
Services currently offered include: cash advance loans, title loans, tax services, check cashing and more. Revenues are consistent and a great base to grow from.
For more info regarding the macro outlook for the AFS (Alternative Financial Services Industry) see the “Highlights-EZCorp April 2013 Earnings Call Highlights” here: