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2 Licensed CAB’s Available for Sale in Dallas Area-Will Sell FAST!

Hello Dear Reader, Two items of interest:

1) Two Dallas Texas CAB stores for sale immediately!

Today, we have two licensed CAB’s – exquisite targets for those of you with a desire to enter the highly lucrative Dallas, Texas consumer loan market – ready for a quick sale.

The Texas alternative financial services industry – that’s payday lending, title lending, installment loan lending, line of credit loans… is second in size only to Calif WITHOUT ALL the headaches Calif. has!

Both CAB businesses are located around the Dallas, Texas area. These are licensed CAB’s. They’ve been open for a year+. Buyer(s) can assume sellers license and does not need to be an existing CAB in the State of Texas.
The two stores:
  • Have good locations
  • Great signage
  • Excellent parking
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Both are close to major anchor stores
  • Both are clean, bright, primary colors with large windows
  • Large customer lobbies with welcoming customer counters
  • Efficient back office areas for discrete operations, safety & functionality.
  • LMS data easily exported.
  • Each location may be purchased separately
  • Each store is approx. 14 months old with roughly $20K portfolios/ea
  • Absentee business owners: New owner(s) can to scale these stores significantly with the right ownership!
  • REQUEST MORE INFO: TrihouseConsulting@gmail.com
  • CRITICAL: We will ignore all “requests for more information” that simply ask for more details, financials… but fail to disclose your FULL contact information. To speak to these Texas store owners, gain access to the P&L’s, visit the stores & evaluate these two opportunities, YOU MUST divulge who you are in order to be taken seriously! [Put yourself in the sellers shoes.] Texas CAB’s that are already in operation sell quickly. It’s common for Internet lenders to develop a single store front location in order to launch their loan business, secure a CAB license, a bond and then scale their loan portfolio substantially.  Email: TrihouseConsulting@gmail.com to begin your exploration.

2) Need to improve your existing storefront or internet consumer lending operation?

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