Starting a Car Title Loan Business

Start a Car Title Loan Business

Start a Car Title Loan Business

By: AutomobilePawn.com [Learning/Training Center]. Our world of custom built, small dollar loans is evolving rapidly!
The incumbents have been knocked back on their heels. P2P, Kickstarter models, Lending Club, the DOJ, the CFPB, mobile banking, bank discontinuance… have DISRUPTED our playing field.

By systematically severing and dissecting custom built, “bespoke” consumer loans into small, discrete units of satisfaction, a disruptive Team can upset the current playing board and construct a new consumer game that attracts beguiles, and seduces not only borrowers, but capital.

You’ve invested hundreds of hours searching Google for every bit of information you can find on the car title loan industry.

Car title lenders and collateralized loan lenders are not being scrutinized to the same extent as payday loan lenders. Since payday loan lenders are pulling out of the industry, borrowers have fewer places to go for small, custom built loans. By now you should know Cash America is leaving the pdl industry for pawn. And, supremely experienced pawn teams have entered the collateralized loan industry to teach entrepreneurs how to succeed with collateralized loan businesses and provide the  automated tools enabling a lender to employ Ebay and Craigslist to earn unusually high ROI’s on their capital.

  • How to get started?
  • Are they legal in your state/province?
  • How much profit can you make?
  • How much money do you need to get started?
  • Where’s the best place to locate? Do you need a license?
  • What loan management software is available and how much of
  • an investment is it?
  • How can you add a car title/collateralized loan service to your existing
  • business?

Your first step to answer most of these questions? GO GET ONE! That’s right, visit your potential competitor – the biggest and the baddest – and get a car title loan; get a collateralized loan.

Go through the loan process. Get copies of EVERYTHING. Ask the clerk open ended questions.

What? You’re telling me you don’t have the title to a vehicle so you can’t do this “mystery shopping?” Then take your mom, your sister, your best friend… take someone with a title to their vehicle and MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Borrow your Dad’s watch or go beg grandma to smooth this bump to achieve your dreams. Beg if you must!

If you can’t pull-off this simple exercise, STOP NOW AND GET YOURSELF A JOB. You don’t have what it takes to make serious money in the car title loan industry much less providing collateralized loans to borrowers by the tens of thousands!

Want to learn more?
Visit http://www.AutomobilePawn.com [Car Title]

Visit https://paydayloanindustryblog.com/pawn/ [Pawn & Collateralized Loans]

Email: Jer@PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com

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