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Why Text Messaging SMS is Better Than Email

Jimmy Peters over at Linkedin posted this reply to, “Why Text Messaging SMS is Better Than Email.”

If you have any interest in Text Messaging as another marketing and customer leveraging method, read on.

One reason why mobile marketing is so effective is because it provides brands with a way to reach their target audience throughout the day instead of just when they’re at a computer, watching television or reading a magazine. Another reason is that mobile marketing leverages other media, such as by including a short code on a billboard so those passing by can get information on the spot.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the most widely used messaging vehicle for mobile marketing. Also known as “texting,” SMS supports text messages of about 160 characters in length, depending on the handset and network. Worldwide, there are twice as many SMS users as there are email users.

SMS supports common short codes (CSCs), which are abbreviated phone numbers – usually four to six digits – to which cell phone users can send text messages. One reason for SMS growth is that nearly 100% of U.S. handsets currently in use support SMS. There are now more mobile phone subscribers in the world (1.4 billion), than there are landline phones subscribers.

The objectives of mobile marketing campaigns are straightforward: increase brand awareness, generate a customer opt-in database, drive up attendance to events or visits to a store, improve customer loyalty and increase revenues. Mobile Marketing does not stand alone; rather it leverages traditional promotional channels, such as TV, radio, print media or even the Internet.

How does it work?
Through the use of our advanced SMS Text Messaging web based platform, you can harness the true power of Mobile Marketing with features which range from scheduled and timed delivery of your text messages to full text voting and polling capabilities. In addition to such, we provide regular training on how to use our platform. See our full list of features below…

Mobile Campaign Management Data Management / CRM
• Easy to use campaign composer
• Targeted message blasts
• Scheduled & Time delay messaging options
• Personalization with custom contact data
• Robust content delivery platform
• Voting / Polling
• Alerts / Mobile Coupons
• Trivia / Surveys
• Real-time Text to Screen
• Ringtone / Wallpapers / Video
• Contests / Sweepstakes
• Emergency Notifications • Create and manage target lists
• Customize data fields
• Modify view options
• Custom opt-in forms
Reporting / Analytics
• Real-time message delivery stats
• Detailed message status reports
• Premium SMS reporting
• Historical campaign reporting
• Custom reporting services

Nice job, Jimmy!
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Time to Use the Power of Text in Marketing and Collections for Payday Loan, Car Title…

It’s time to use the Power of Text in Marketing and Collections for Payday Loan, Car Title, Check Cashers, Pawn & More

Here is the how and why Text Messaging can help your Collection efforts INCREASE up to 25% or more and your payment defaults DECREASE by about 40%, as well as generate new leads and create repeat customers.

Our payday loan customers are inundated with “noise” from competitors and others screaming at them for their attention. Print, radio, TV, email, direct mail, billboards, phone calls, magazines… on and on and on. Every company in the micro-lending space is focused on our customer.

Now, it’s “Text Messaging” referred to as SMS. The explosion of cell phone use has brought the newest marketing and collection channel to us.

Personal cell phone use has become essential to virtually EVERYONE. All of us rely on our mobile device!

Mobile text messaging can connect you to your customer. Mobile text messaging offers a powerful alternative to all the other marketing strategies.

Those of us in the micro-lending space, that includes payday loans, car title lending, scrap gold buying, check cashing, rapid tax refunds, etc., must enter this mobile marketing and mobile collecting arena to communicate with our customers immediately.

The heaviest users of SMS are ages 18-34 at 80% and 35 -49 at 63%. Those are our demographics! 97% of all text messages are read!

So, what’s this all mean to us? INSTANT COMMUNICATION! SMS dwarfs all other features on a cell phone today!!

Reach your customer anytime and anywhere, with the Power of Text.

Why is Text Messaging SMS so successful?
More than 265 MILLION Mobile Phone Users
Easy to use
Available on 99% of all cell phones
Everyone has a phone
Direct link to your customer
Able to launch a web page
Specifically target messages to your customer
Messages to your customer are permission based; CAN-SPAM Compliant
Your customer can act on your message instantly
Present your customer with a coupon
Remind them of a payment due
Contest announcements
Announcements of sales, promotions and events


Text messaging is personal
Cell phone users keep their phones with them ALL THE TIME
90% of Text Messages are read within 8 MINUTES!
Bulk SMS is economical and you can send thousands of text messages to consumers at wholesale rates
One SMS message can be created and sent to a large group of customers
Tracking of SMS delivery and customer response is simple

It’s not uncommon to improve your collection efforts 25% or more by using SMS

A 40% increase in “on-time” payments is possible by using SMS to notify customers of their upcoming payments and appointments.

Transparent integration with your software is easy or you can use a web-based gateway.

Are you ready for more info to learn how you can get instantaneous communication with your customer AND increase your collection results?