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Payday Loan Marketing Idea

payday loan marketing graphic wrapThis picture says it all! This “graphic wrap” for your business is a no-brainer. Drive it… move it… park it… better than signage. It certainly can compensate for a poor location! Budget $2500 depending on your locale. Email us for your local installer.

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Are you thinking about getting into the Payday Loan business? Do you want to really know the in’s and outs of owning a payday Loan company? Reading a Manual is one thing, but actually performing the daily task of owning and operating a payday loan company is a whole different beast. A Payday Loan Manual cannot answer specific questions that arrive after just reading it. So stop reading and start doing!!

Come to our Payday Loan Boot Camp and experience the actual day to day operations in a live store to see if this business is right for you!!

We will show you how to:

  • Get a customer and exactly what to do when your first customer arrives.
  • How to qualify and process a Payday loan candidate.
  • How to collect once you have your first customer.
  • We will enable you log into our software and teach you step by step the process of writing a payday loan.
  • We will answer all of your questions at that very moment to end any speculation that may occur.
  • We will show you exactly how to organize you office to handle your daily tasks.
  • What to do if a loan goes bad.

So, stop guessing how this business works and come learn on the job!! Our boot camp will save you a tremendous amount of time and money. When you leave our payday loan store, you will have the tools and experience needed to start a payday loan business!!

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Payday Loans Are Like Coconuts? You’ve got to be kidding!

I love to talk about the loan shark… I mean payday loan and micro-lending industry. I’m lucky! I receive calls and emails from around the world.

So… I’m talking to Charlie B., a silicon-valley buddy of mine who’s been exploring the micro-lending space for a while. He begins to tell me about his trip to Brazil. I figure it’s another travelogue story and he’ll bug me about friending him on Facebook so I can kill my time looking at his pics. Next, he’ll insist I subscribe to his Twitter feed and follow his tweets through the Rio Airport.

BUT NO! Charlie has a coconut story to share! Yeah, COCONUTS!! (Hang-on payday loan fan, we’re headed your way!)

Charlie speaks Portuguese… has a wife from Brazil. (Probably another great story there but let’s FOCUS.)

Anyway, Charlie strikes up a conversation with a guy pushing a street cart selling coconuts. Having an interest in all things business, Charlie delves into the intricacies of a coconut street cart vending business. Turns out this street cart vendor got a job 15 years ago selling coconuts using a cart he “rented” from the owner of the cart. After about 5 years working the streets of Rio selling these coconuts, the vendor managed to scrape together $500 from savings, family and friends and he bought his own cart. Long story short, 5 years later, Charlies’ new “friend” owns 15 carts. He rents out 14 of them to his “employees” who are farther down the economic food chain. Over the course of the past 20 years, this street vendor entrepreneur has evolved from the bed he rented in a shack 20 years ago, to his own home and a car he owns today! He’s put his 4 kids through school…

Don’t worry Payday Loan Fan, I’m getting there! Sheesh!!

OK, here’s the BIG IDEA!!

Go to your local community college and talk to the professor who runs the web curriculum department. Today, all community colleges teach courses on building web sites/blogs. Tell her you have an “intern program” for a couple of her best students. You’re willing to pay a flat fee (say $300) and provide an opportunity for the students to enter the real world of commerce, work with a “real client” – YOU –  and build their portfolios. You want a basic site/blog set up enabled with Twitter, Facebook, Skype, yada, yada, yada…  NOTE: at this stage, I’m not talking about a full-blast data base driven, secured application page …. Rather, just a simple, elegant web site (Use WordPress!!) focused on local search and your specific community.

On this site, announce 5% of all gross profits will be donated to an entrepreneur IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY to help them launch their idea into a business. Setup an account to contribute funding for this. Now the really hard part: Find a local homeless or economically challenged character in your community with an idea who you can serve and mentor. Help them take their idea to the next level. Enable this entrepreneur to LAUNCH. How to discover the right candidate? Get creative! Keep your eyes open. Tell everyone what you’re doing. Find your coconut pushcart entrepreneur! A taco vendor. An artist. A fashion designer. A student. A baby-boomer. Look around you! Place a POS (Point-of-Sale) piece in your store(s).

You, an intern, or a member(s) of your Team – an advocate – will write/Blog/follow up/Tweet/Facebook your efforts and your chosen entrepreneurs’ progress! Stay involved in the process. Advise, counsel, make introductions to a bank, the SBA, a wardrobe makeover non-profit, provide a phone, financial advice… whatever it takes! Do it!! Make mistakes! Evaluate! Adjust! Proceed… Fail. Start again!! Allow your employees and customers to comment on your web site. Enable them to add to the conversation. Make it easy. Encourage it. You probably have someone in your organization who already “gets” and participates in this “social media thing.” Have you identified someone on your Team who will not stop accessing Twitter and Facebook? This is your ADVOCATE! Give her a little direction and let her run with this project. Some negative comment is written about your company or our industry? Address it! Explain our side logically and straightforward. Keep your response civil, informative, factual, gracious and honest. Engage!

You’re a payday loan brick-n-mortar serving the local neighborhood? Then this is a no-brainer for you! Oh, you’re an Internet payday loan company? Look at your DATA! Where do the majority of your payday loan applicants originate from? Detroit? Miami? LA? Great!! Focus on a local oriented campaign/web site to accomplish this new imperative.

This is about INTENT! Your INTENT is to contribute to the community you serve; to make it slightly better. Do not grandstand this. Do not launch fireworks and make a grand announcement. Just allow this to go viral if it can. If it doesn’t? So what? Do it any way! You’ll feel GREAT! And so will everyone you touch.

The payday loan industry gets nailed every day by the media, consumer protectionists, regulators, our competitors (banks and credit unions)… even by our dogs.

And I receive calls every day from payday loan, check cashers and car title lenders who want to know how to improve their business, their marketing efforts, the pride they have in the Team they’ve built and the way we’re perceived by the world.

Don’t run from the light! Don’t scurry off into a dark corner every time our industry is maligned! OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US! Don’t avoid the media and controversy! Embrace it! Leave the herd! Stand out and take a chance! Do it differently!!! We offer a valuable service, we help our community and we’re proud of what we do! Hell, we even create a few jobs!

NOW! Build your fund, hire your interns, and find your coconut entrepreneur! AND ENJOY YOURSELF!

Got an idea? Need funding? Have funding?
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Payday Loan Loyalty Cards

Another “Thinking Out of the Box” micro-lending – payday loan – idea: Customer loyalty cards on their phone.

Ever been to your favorite coffee or yogurt shop and forgotten your punch card? You know the one… buy 10 coffees and get the 11th one free? Of course you have!  Well, here’s a cool idea. A loyalty card on your smart phone.

Punchd is a replacement for the buy-10-get-1-free cards at your favorite shops.

It runs on your phone, so it’s always ready but never in the way. It’s simple: after you order, point Punchd at the Punchcode next to the register and your punch is automatically recorded.

We’re constantly working to add new venues to Punchd–if there’s a store you’d like to use Punchd in, let us know!


Here’s another idea to turn-up your creative juices! Got a GREAT idea for the payday loan space? Let me know Jer@PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com Need funding? Let me know!


Why Text Messaging SMS is Better Than Email

Jimmy Peters over at Linkedin posted this reply to, “Why Text Messaging SMS is Better Than Email.”

If you have any interest in Text Messaging as another marketing and customer leveraging method, read on.

One reason why mobile marketing is so effective is because it provides brands with a way to reach their target audience throughout the day instead of just when they’re at a computer, watching television or reading a magazine. Another reason is that mobile marketing leverages other media, such as by including a short code on a billboard so those passing by can get information on the spot.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the most widely used messaging vehicle for mobile marketing. Also known as “texting,” SMS supports text messages of about 160 characters in length, depending on the handset and network. Worldwide, there are twice as many SMS users as there are email users.

SMS supports common short codes (CSCs), which are abbreviated phone numbers – usually four to six digits – to which cell phone users can send text messages. One reason for SMS growth is that nearly 100% of U.S. handsets currently in use support SMS. There are now more mobile phone subscribers in the world (1.4 billion), than there are landline phones subscribers.

The objectives of mobile marketing campaigns are straightforward: increase brand awareness, generate a customer opt-in database, drive up attendance to events or visits to a store, improve customer loyalty and increase revenues. Mobile Marketing does not stand alone; rather it leverages traditional promotional channels, such as TV, radio, print media or even the Internet.

How does it work?
Through the use of our advanced SMS Text Messaging web based platform, you can harness the true power of Mobile Marketing with features which range from scheduled and timed delivery of your text messages to full text voting and polling capabilities. In addition to such, we provide regular training on how to use our platform. See our full list of features below…

Mobile Campaign Management Data Management / CRM
• Easy to use campaign composer
• Targeted message blasts
• Scheduled & Time delay messaging options
• Personalization with custom contact data
• Robust content delivery platform
• Voting / Polling
• Alerts / Mobile Coupons
• Trivia / Surveys
• Real-time Text to Screen
• Ringtone / Wallpapers / Video
• Contests / Sweepstakes
• Emergency Notifications • Create and manage target lists
• Customize data fields
• Modify view options
• Custom opt-in forms
Reporting / Analytics
• Real-time message delivery stats
• Detailed message status reports
• Premium SMS reporting
• Historical campaign reporting
• Custom reporting services

Nice job, Jimmy!
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I Stole This Simple Marketing Idea

Looking for a quick, simple method to increase your profits? Here’s one I stole from Money-to-Go in Texas.

Visit the auto repair shops in your area. Ask them if they ever have a customer who doesn’t have the money to pay for their car repair. OF COURSE THEY DO!

Auto repair shops are not in the loan business; you are!

So… let them know you have the funds to help their customer AND relieve the manager/owner of that uncomfortable feeling that overcomes them when their customer cannot afford to pay their repair bill.

Action steps:

Call the repair shop. Ask for the manager. Ask them if their customers sometimes have difficulty paying their repair bill. Tell the Manager you have a solution; you have funds available. Explain that you would like 3 minutes of their time tomorrow to briefly explain your funding solution. Simply say, “What’s best for you tomorrow? 11 AM or 4 PM?”

Drop by on the appointed day. Quickly explain, “Our mission is to arrange convenient and easy financing for your customers that have no credit or bad credit. That way they can pay for their transmission repair, brake replacement, body work or any major car repair immediately and get back on the road.” Don’t go into intricate details unless you’re asked. Just make it clear you have a solution for the Manager AND their customer. Leave with their business card.

Leave POS (Point-of-Sale) materials. If you don’t yet have any use VistaPrints.

Followup 3 days later with a color post card, an email and a phone call to thank them!

Revisit the repair shop’s location at least once per month. Leave them a box of donuts!

How much is just one customer from this repair shop worth to you? How many loans per year? For how many years?

DO THIS! Try it for 60 days!!
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