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Payday Loan Customer Acquisition Costs – What Do YOU Think?

Installment & Payday Loan Customer Acquisition Costs

Getting a payday loan customer into your store or on your website landing page is a challenge. What works today? Radio, TV, direct mail, human directional advertising (sign spinners), Google, Yahoo and Bing, DuckDuckGo searches, referrals, Craigs List, newspapers, Penny Saver and Green Sheet ads, signs, flyers, business cards yada, yada, yada.

Ah! And then there are smartphones, mobile, responsive… 70% of our traffic is coming via our consumer applicant’s phone. This is true for both our brick-n-mortars and our Internet lending properties.

The real question? How much should you spend to attract an installment loan consumer, a payday loan, car title loan, or a scrap gold customer?

Consider the “Lifetime Value” of your customer.

The higher your average customer’s “Lifetime Value,” the more you can spend in advertising dollars to attract them. Pretty basic, right? Let’s call this our “Allowable Payday Loan Customer Acquisition Cost – APDLCAC.

So… how do we compute our Allowable Payday Loan Customer Acquisition Cost?

  • We put a value on our average payday loan customer’s Lifetime Value.
  • Then, we subtract our costs to create and deliver payday loans to our customer over the entire relationship we maintain with our customer.
  • We subtract our Overhead (minimum recurring expenses to continue in business (salaries, rent, utilities, phones, etc.) divided by our total customer base (fixed costs) we’ll need to stay in business over this time period.
  • Multiply the result by 1 minus our desired Profit Margin and this reveals our Allowable Payday Loan Customer Acquisition Cost – APDLCAC.

Simple, eh!


Assume we are simply awesome at servicing our payday loan customers once we latch onto them; I mean acquire them!

Say our typical customer Lifetime Value is $2800 over 10 years. (4 loans/yr X 10 years. Avg loan is $400 at $17.50/$100 = $2800 fees)

And let’s say the costs to create and deliver this customer is $500 over this 10 year period. That leaves us with $2300 in revenue per payday loan customer served.

And let’s say our Overhead expenses are $1,000,000 over the same 10 year period and we serve 2000 customers.

Fixed costs = $500 ($1,000,000/2000 customers = $500 )

This leaves us with $1800/customer before marketing expenses ($2300 – $500).

Assume our goal is to achieve a 60% profit margin. We can spend a maximum of 40% on marketing costs.

Thus, our APDLCAC = $720 per customer ($1800 X .40).

So… any customer we “buy” for $720 or less is a bargain!

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NOW, what if these payday loan customers are using your other services as well? You offer car title loans? Installment loans? You buy scrap gold? You sell money orders? You cash checks? You offer mobile phone service? You do tax work? What’s that do to your Lifetime Customer Value number?

What? You don’t like my assumptions? Define overhead? Is that “gross” Profit Margin? Yep, you may find this controversial or even simplistic. But it got you thinking, didn’t it?

For more customer acquisition cost insights, study our “Loan Bible” and read:

“The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business” by Josh Kaufman.