State Laws for Payday Loans 2015

Want to know what the 2015 payday loan laws are in your state?

You can waste ours “Googling” search terms sauch as “My State payday loan laws” or “cash advance fees in My State.” Or simply visit National Conference of State Legislators for a substantial summary of where payday loan laws, compliance and legislation stand today.

As a new or existing payday loan or installment lender, you can pay your lawyer some serious cash to track down the basic startup info you need or educate yourself FIRST by using the resource below.

As a consumer, you can save yourself tens of hours by visiting the same resource. Are you being overcharged by your payday loan lender? Can they prosecute you? Can they take your car? Can the lender garnish your wages? Save yourself some time and begin your research reagrding legal loan fees and rates here:

Here’s a link to their website:¬†State-by-State Payday Loan Lending Laws 2015

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