Operation Choke Point Explained Simply

Operation Choke Point was implemented more than 24 months ago and yet it is still not understood. The implications of enabling an administration in Washington D.C. to unilaterally destroy businesses deemed legal by state legislatures and their constituencies is reprehensible. Here’s a very short video produced by “The Daily Signal” explaining “what all the fuss is about.”

You’re industry may not yet be targeted by Washington bureaucrats, but don’t think you can escape. If a New York Mayor [Bloomberg] decides 32 ounce colas are not in your best interest and bans them – lacking citizen support for his foolishness – it’s not a huge leap for an FDIC or DOJ employee to decide your pizza servings have too much fat and therefore, you do not deserve a bank account. No bank account? How do you pay your taxes? Payroll? Dough suppliers? Cheese purveyor?

At first blush, these possibilities seem rediculous! Ask a gun shop owner ¬†or small lender who suddenly receives a TL [Termination Letter] from her bank that she has 30 days to “find a new bank.” This is HAPPENING TODAY! The people causing “bank discontinuance” are not elected representives. They are simply employees of government bureaucracies!

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