Operation Choke Point Takes Another Hit

By | Jun 30, 2014

Operation Choke Point: It appears more legislators are recognizing the overreaching, draconian attempts by the Obama administration to shut down legal businesses they dislike. U.S. Congressman Luetkemeyer filed a bill, that “creates a new safe-harbor for financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, to promote nondiscriminatory access to financial products and services provided the merchant […]


B.S. PEW Report, PDL Consumer Demand & Aljazeera Hack Job

By | Jun 25, 2014

The latest salvo attacking the payday loan industry refers to the PEW Report as the ultimate authority. In fact, this PEW Report is used as ammunition against the industry on a recurring basis. However, as Tim Ranney the CEO of sub-prime consumer credit bureau Clarity Services wrote several months ago in a NY Times Op-Ed, […]


Texas OCCC CAB-CSO Webinar Registration June 2014

By | Jun 24, 2014

If you have ANY interest in Texas payday, car title and small dollar loans, READ ON! My friend and collaborator, Michael Brown – he’s 100% focused on Texas – implores EVERYONE to register for the webinar organized by the Texas OCCC scheduled for this Thursday. As Mike says, “We want to drive registration hard this week – it’s important […]


Google Payday Loan Update Part 2: Spammy Queries & Websites

By | Jun 21, 2014

By: Jer Trihouse. Video: Matt Cutts Interview At SMX Advanced On Payday Loans. Here’s the video from SMX Advanced with Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan. At 2 minutes and 30 seconds into their discussion, Matt talks about Google’s payday loan update (part 2), spammy queries (IE: “payday loan debt consolidation” or “payday loan casinos”). So the […]


Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers

By | Jun 18, 2014

Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers TOFSC] News: Michael Brown takes the helm! As of June 1, 2014 Michael Brown of CAB Consulting  is managing the Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers (TOFSC) . Michael and Clay Chancey [Clay enables lenders to add a robust pawn business to existing businesses] are working closely with one another […]


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