Trihouse: Who We Are and What We Do.

We’re Lenders. We’re investors. We’re consultants. We’re conduits…

Jer Trihouse Payday Loan ConsultingTrihouse Consulting is headed-up by “Jer.” We are lenders, consultants and conduits to the best minds, suppliers, vendors, legal and compliance counsel, and related resources in the “Small Dollar Credit (SDC) consumer loan industry. This includes payday loans, car title loans, check cashing, scrap gold and more.

Jer is a highly respected, experienced industry veteran quoted extensively on payday loan national and local trends in The Washington Post, The New York Times,  The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

The typical path for the majority of Trihouse clients is to invest in one of our various intellectual  properties. These are described here: Courses. For many entrepreneurs, our start-up manuals and reports are sufficient. For others, a scheduled conference, or a “retainer agreement” with us makes sense.

Our Payday Loan Industry Blog is designed to provide the very latest in the small dollar credit industry. This includes industry news, trends, strategies, and industry developments related to payday loans, installment loans, car title loans, non-collateralized loans and SDC’s (Small Dollar Credit) consumer loans.

We welcome comments, suggestions, and differing points of view. However, if you’re simply interested in launching the typical diatribe against the payday loan industry based on misinformation and consumer protectionist rampages ultimately communicating your elitist view that government “knows better,” please just go away. Perhaps you should launch your own blog?

Who are we? We’re 3 guys who opened our first payday loan store in Garden Grove, California in 1997. We have opened an additional 15 stores and launched a payday loan Internet operation in 2003. We added car title lending in 2004.

What we do? We operate our stores, we run our Internet loan businesses, we offer consulting to new start-ups and existing operators requiring assistance, and we write and sell payday loan, car title loan and collection Manuals.

A few of our web other sites: Car Title Loans. Scrap gold and jewelry.

You can reach us at:
Trihouse Enterprises, Inc