Google Payday Loan Update Part 2: Spammy Queries & Websites

By: Jer Trihouse. Video: Matt Cutts Interview At SMX Advanced On Payday Loans.¬†Here’s the video from SMX Advanced with Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan. At 2 minutes and 30 seconds into their discussion, Matt talks about Google’s payday loan update (part 2), spammy queries (IE: “payday loan debt consolidation” or “payday loan casinos”).

So the big question? Who among us is going to get hurt the most? If your formula for success relies on spammy queries and spammy websites, you’re going to be crying soon!

To immediately access Matt Cutt’s remarks about the Google payday loan algorithm update, advance the video to 2min. 30 secs. And as always, if you have a payday loan or car title business and need help fathoming the challenges of search engine positioning and smart phone marketing to increase your revenues, study our training courses offered here: Car Title and Payday Loan Courses.

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  • Bart says:

    I’m glad Google is figuring this out. I work for a internet lender and our PPC costs were skyrocketing. Unless you’re a direct lender, you should not be allowed to bid on payday loan terms. Plus, we invest a LOT of money in licensing.

  • Heather says:

    We manage PPC campaigns for several payday loan websites. Over the long run, I suspect this will be good for us. Frankly, we’re relying more on local search via our customer’s smart phone than paid search. Additionally, Bing is doing a fair job for us.

    I hate Google BUT for now, the other choices are worse.

  • Jeffrey says:

    My payday loan affiliate sites took a big hit after Pandora. Since I’m not a direct lender, this game is getting harder. Google’s “spammy website and searches” update has already caused me some grief.

    • Payday Loan Industry says:

      The affiliates in the PDL space relying on Adsense have continued to find “black hat” methods. You gotta be sharp and risk losing it all in the SEO space. Real lenders on the other hand, have a good shot at making serious money. But that “game” is always changing as well.

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