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New Payday Loan Study Positive for the Industry

The results of a new payday loan study by the University of California Graduate School of Management entitled, “Are Credit Unions Viable Providers of Short-Term Credit,” the study by professor Victor Stango suggest borrowers seeking small, non-collateralized, short-term loans prefer to pay higher rates for “small, short-term loans than to participate in credit union programs that have strings attached, such as a savings component or a financial education requirement.”

Additionally, credit unions find that consumers resist their products due to shorter operating hours and a payday loan type of product offered by credit unions can harm a consumers credit rating; something payday loan stores do not do.

Titled, “Are Credit Unions Viable Providers of Short-Term Credit,” the study by professor Victor Stango comes as credit unions are petitioning regulators to increase charges on payday loans. The National Credit Union Administration.

Read the full Study here.


Magic Numbers Don’t be misled by payday loan statistics.

Magic NumbersDon’t be misled by payday-loan statistics.

This is an interesting article by Thomas Sowell at the National Review.

It’s a good read! Mr. Sowell begins … “Words are not the only things that enable political rhetoric to magically transform reality. Numbers can be used just as creatively — and many voters are even more gullible about statistics than they are about words, apparently because statistics seem more objective.

The latest congressional crusade is to clamp down on small finance companies that provide “payday loans” and check-cashing services in many low-income neighborhoods, where there are few banks.”

He goes on… “A common practice in making small loans of a few hundred dollars for a few weeks is to charge about $15 per hundred dollars lent. Politicians, the media, community activists, and miscellaneous other busybodies are able to transform these numbers into annual percentage charges of several hundred percent, thereby creating moral melodramas and demands that the government “do something” about such “abuses.”

Read the article in its entirety here: National REview.com


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