Payday Loan Marketing Ideas

Don’t Give Up On Email.

Yeah sure, we’re huge fans of serving our customers via traditional websites, mobile websites, blogs, TV, radio, direct mail… If you’re a Lender or a Vendor, you’d better be using all these channels to compete.

Email? Many of our clients have been discounting email lately. Everything they hear and read is focused on mobile, social and text messaging. Knuckleheads who pontificate about the decline of email “open rates” and “don’t have a dog in the hunt” discourage building your brand and “touching” your customers via email.

start car title loan businessHOGWASH! Build your LIST. Lead your clients to your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter account…Train your employees to capture your customer’s contact info; EVERYTHING! And DON’T FORGET to share ALL YOUR company info as well.

The message? Don’t give-up on email. Let your client choose what works best for them. Allow your client to embrace you as tight as they like :o)

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