Turn mobile phone traffic into store foot trafficStore operators in the payday loan business, car title lending, cash for gold, BHPH, etc. don’t get this: YOU MUST figure out the mobile marketing challenge you face TODAY. Customer’s are “looking” for you on their phones. If your biz looks like crap on their phone, you just lost another customer!

I’m NOT suggesting you invest $1000’s of bucks on a “full-on” mobile friendly web site that processes customer applications, captures their bank acct. info, nabs their SS#… Hell, today, store owners don’t even need a traditional website! Go check out a company FOCUSED on building phone friendly websites for our industry. It’s $200 one-time!

What’s one customer worth to you? Just enable a customer to FIND you on their phone and “click-to-call” your store or find your location on Google Maps!

Get started at EZMobileToday.com This is a “no-brainer!” Enable your next customer to call, email or text your store.

And call to thank me when you get that new customer! I’m serious!! Jer – Trihouse

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  • francine W says:


    You guys are right-on. We took the “mobile plunge” about 3 months ago with a VERY BASIC phone friendly site. We get the mobile stats weekly. I know we’ve pulled in another 2 – 3 customers per week. And, we’re in a town of 18,000 with a TON of competition!

    We’re adding a “coupon offer” next week. I’ll let you know…

  • Martin says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out “this mobile thing” for months. So you guys are saying not to sweat all the e-sigs and doc delivery and just put-up a minimal site that:
    1) Looks good on a phone
    2) Enables a customer to find my store on a map
    3) Enables a customer to “click-to-call my store
    4)Send me SMS text message
    5) Send me an emai

    And I can get this done for $200 by a company that knows the payday loan niche?

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