Lack of Capital Not the Problem in Small Dollar Lending Space

Be aware! A lack of “capital” is not the challenge in our industry today. There is a “ton” of money looking for opportunities. What is lacking is specific expertise!

What “capital” desires is tech savvy, specialized knowledge, a strong Team having the ability to mitigate risk and avoid catastrophic failure at launch and the ability to innovate and implement new “twists” on the small dollar lending space. Please don’t think I’m referring solely to the Internet lenders. B & M’s offer many possibilities as well. Blended solutions make a lot of sense. The goal is simply to make it as easy as possible to enable our small dollar loan customers to gain access to our financial solutions.

Operations professionals having “in the trenches” experience in lead gen, scrubbing, call centers, LMS, collections, operations, branding, SEO/SEM/PPC/Organic, direct mail, offline marketing, legal counsel, portfolio management, mobile, strategies, tactics and on and on… are highly desirable and sought after today.

On those rare occasions when the “capital” also has expertise in one or more “slices” of this small dollar loan pie, it’s MAGIC!!

Few of us have the luxury of investing endless hours with Google searches, Linked In, Google+  and Facebook accounts, networking at yearly conventions, and searching for “experts” having hidden agendas. Want to explore?  Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com 702-208-6736 My agenda? Putting people and solutions together to make money!

“It’s a long season and a small clubhouse.” Yogi Berra?

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