Calif. Assembly Bill 539 Update-Consumer Access to Small-Dollar Short Term Loans at Risk!

By Jer AylesCall Your California Senator TODAY or Your Customers Will Never Forgive You!

Consumer financial choices UNDER FIRE in California!

My state of California is on the verge of destroying the rights of consumers across the ‘”Golden State” to have access to credit based on their own needs, wants, and desires for solving their financial challenges!

As usual, our elected congressional representatives and the lobbyists who support this California Assembly Bill 539 think they know what’s best for ALL of us.

Lower loan rates, fewer fees, same-day money delivered to your bank account/card, Fintech, competition… are ALL contributing to the well-being of California consumers ALREADY. Don’t allow these elected representatives to STIFLE the reinvigoration of the “business of lending money to the masses.”

Consumers, lenders, vendors, suppliers, property owners, your local barista… will suffer if we do not raise our hand, call our Senator and express our distaste for their latest assault on our financial freedom and our disgust with the influence lobbyists exert on OUR REPRESENTATIVES!

Contact | U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California

Contact – United States Senator for California – Senator Dianne Feinstein

[pdf-embedder url=”https://paydayloanindustryblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/1-Assembly-Bill-539-and-the-Future-of-Consumer-Loans-in-California.pdf” title=”1-Assembly Bill 539 and the Future of Consumer Loans in California”]


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