Payday Loan WhistleBlower?

Are you a payday loan, car title loan, or installment loan insider?

Maybe you’re a former employee of a lender and you’re offended by the tactics your employer used to profit from the misery of your customers? Folks who simply got into a jam and found it impossible to get out from under their cycle of debt?

We all know there are “outliers” in all industries that cause havoc and ridicule in our chosen professions. This includes banking, insurance, food… and of course the business of lending money to make money.

As a former collections guy and a long-time equity owner in several payday loan stores and Internet lending platforms in multiple states, I have personally witnessed these situations.

I did something about it! You can too!! You want to make the world aware of a “nasty” situation in our industry?

Just email your story to me at Jer@PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com . Or, if you prefer, use this free anonymous email sending tool to mask your real email address and IP number: Guerilla Mail Here’s a link to Wikipedia explaining what Guerilla Mail is: Wikipedia Guerilla Mail

YOUR PRIVACY IS GUARANTEED BY ME! Reveal as much as you are comfortable doing.