Video-Banks In Cahoots With Payday Loan Businesses

Payday loans and banks?¬† I like this! It’s worth watching no matter how you feel about banks, the payday loan industry, making money…The financial numbers quoted in this video are a bit skewed, a little dated and are meant as an attack on banks and the payday loan industry but check it out and leave a comment.

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  • jerry s. says:

    I have a payday loan business and banks do not fund my business. Where does a person go when they can not get money from anyone; not even their family because of bad credit. I guess if we were gone (payday lenders) they will go you YOUR home and steal your property
    ….did you know that over 50% of the loans are from people spending their check on video poker machines and casinos….
    ………now that is the true problem…but the government takes a large percentage of that….and did you ever have a TAX PENALTY …..that is worse than loan sharking!

  • paul says:

    Problem is, as I watched it, it sure seemed like a great commercial for NOT going to pay day loan vender and instead going to the bank. Hell why doesn’t congress make this a public service announcement? The sheep will eat it up.

  • Leila says:

    INTERESTING! I thought the banks considered us strictly as competition. Now I realize they fund the big payday loan operations AND create competing products!

    LOVE the way this group attacked us! Funny yet informative. I still won’t make a contribution :o)

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