The Horrible, Inexcusable Truth Behind Payday Loan Lobbyists in D.C.

SHOCKING NEWS! The Washington Post reveals the payday loan industry pays lobbyists to prowl Washington D.C!

The Washington Post points out that consumer lenders in the Fintech, installment, car title and payday loan industry pay lawyers and other insiders to lobby Washington D.C. on behalf of their own interests. Simply astounding!

Next thing you know, it will be revealed that AARP pays lobbyists huge sums of $$ as well to protect Boomers from bureaucrats trying to “prune” their Social Security checks. Oh, wait… AARP did! $8M+

The top 20 Banks in the USA spent $22M lobbying D.C.

Lawyers spent $220M! [To be clear, that’s $220,000,000!] Great white SHARKS!

payday loan lawyer great white

                Lawyer Great White Shark

Planned Parenthood spent $6M!

Credit Unions spent $7.5M!

What about Payday Loan Lenders? Guilty as charged! We spent nearly $2M! Cheapskate, dwarf lantern sharks…

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