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Infiltrated: Who is Really Funding PEW, The Center for Responsible Lending & more

Know thy enemy. If you don’t, you can’t fight effectively. And, make no mistake, this is the fight of our lives. Because our enemy – self proclaimed consumer protectionists and regulators – want to destroy us.

You’ve got to read this book! The man who funded PEW and The CRL (Center for Responsible Lending) – two of our most egregious critics – made $450 million dollars making “liar loans” and sub-prime mortgages before exiting the mortgage industry! Payday lenders, title loan lenders, small dollar credit lenders… anyone who wants to gain serious insight into who is really funding our attackers must invest the time to digest this book. “A new wave of financial reformers has infiltrated our public institutions at both the state and national levels. A growing army of self-proclaimed activists, philanthropists, and politicians has infiltrated not only the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but the FDIC, the Treasury, and other regulatory agencies. This explosive new book from New York Times bestselling author Jay W. Richards reveals the truth…”

I’ve been a lender since 1997. I’ve written a lot about these issues BUT I learned a lot by reading “Infiltrated.” Jay Richards, the author, does a phenominal job of disclosing the agenda of people like Martin Eakes and several other characters we’ve all come to despise. I Highly recommend”Infiltrated!” Read it!

Disclosure: This is an Amazon affiliate link. If you like, just visit Amazon and search for “Infiltrated.”