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Payday Loan Companies Hijacking Web Sites

Jer Trihouse Payday Loan Industry ResourcesBy Jer Ayles-Ayler

Payday loan brokers are hacking into unrelated websites to divert their history and status to the payday loan lead generators’ domain. Web site hijacking improves the PDL lead generators ranking on Google leading to millions in profits for the lead brokers.

These findings come as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT-UK)) prepares a report on the “dirty tricks in the payday loan market,” due to be published in February, 2013.

Sky News writes, “Google’s natural listings system can be tricked. Sky News found three payday websites that were stealing the credibility of other websites to boost their ranking. The target victim sites included a music business, a graduate website and even a church website.”

Read the entire piece written by Jason Farrell, Sky Correspondent:
“Payday Loan Sites’ Dirty Tricks To Boost Traffic”

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