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Miro p. Payday Loan UniversityHello Payday Loan Fan,

It’s Miro P. from Payday Loan University

You haven’t invested in my “Powerhouse PDL Operator’s Course” yet and I wanted to share a few comments that have already been said about my course:

“Miro tells you step-by-step exactly what you must do to elevate your business above the competition and PROFIT. If you don’t absorb every word on every page, it’s your loss. Essential lessons from one of the best, so don’t squander it.” Dan Premus, Toronto, Ontario

“A lifetime of experience and knowledge in PDL operations and marketing, boiled down into simple ‘a la carte’ strategies anyone can use. The survey and examples alone, are well worth the price of admission. If you’re running a PDL store, do whatever you can to get your hands on this course, devour it and IMPLEMENT.” Steve Bartlett- Vero Beach, Florida

“Miro, good in-the-trenches stuff in your collections and underwriting chapters. It’s a business in which you have to get your hands dirty.” Steve Hodgdon -Mr. Collections – Novato, California

As a reader of PaydayLoanIndustryBlog, you have a very limited opportunity to invest in  Miro’s Powerhouse PDL Operator’s Course at a heavily discounted price. I only emailed this ALERT to entrepreneurs that I firmly believe will achieve SUBSTANTIAL benefits by studying AND executing the new tactics revealed. You know I respect my subscribers and do not waste their time. Jer Trihouse

Act NOW, and take advantage of the special price that I worked out for you, and you ONLY. Sorry! It’s too late. The $200 special discount Miro was offering to Trihouse readers ended . No B.S. The Powerhouse Course went to $595.00. (It’s still a great value at $595.00.) 

You’ll get 180+ pages revealing:

  • A completely new way to look at underwriting
  • Discover how you are chasing your best customers away
  • How to find the best employees
  • 17 PROVEN marketing ideas to get your numbers up right now, and NOT spend a fortune doing it.

***All of this is 100% guaranteed. If you’re disappointed with the quality of the material, you get your money back!

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P.S. Ironically, some of the most compelling testimonials I’ve received from the hundreds of readers of the Powerhouse PDL Operator’s Course are in regards to the way the Course is written. “It’s blunt, clear and funny.” Our business is so unique. It’s exciting to see one of the most creative and innovative people in our industry “pry open his head, and let us peek inside to see what we can use.”

P.P.S: DUE TO DEMAND, “Powerhouse PDL Operator’s Course” is now available printed & shipped or immediate download it in Adobe Acrobat!

Now go make some money!!
Jer – Trihouse