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OLA-Online Lenders Alliance Internet Payday Loan Lenders Association

The OLA, Online Lenders Association-a payday loan organization comprised of Internet Payday Loan companies, placed advice about contributing to the Haiti Relief Program.

From their web site: ”

We have all seen and heard about the devastation in Haiti.  As an organization and an industry who knows the hardship of people in need, we wanted to bring you some information about donating to the relief effort.

Congressman Meek has directed us to the InterAction website which lists multiple charities to whom you may wish to contribute.  Click InterAction to access their webpage.

We have been advised that the best way to help is to donate financially to organizations responding to a disaster.  Cash donations allow relief professionals to procure exactly what is needed in a disaster situation and ensure that donations are culturally, dietary, and environmentally appropriate.

You can also click Red Cross to go directly to their donation page.

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross and have it charged to your cell phone bill by texting “HAITI” to “90999.” (There will be no processing fees).”

The Online Lenders Association organized in an effort to provide a sense of standards and guidelines for Internet based payday loan lenders.

As the Online Lenders Association OLA web site states, “All member companies have agreed to a List of Best Practices and Code of Conduct developed by OLA to ensure that consumers are fully informed and fairly treated and are using all lending products and practices responsibly.”