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Offshore Convention – We’re Back!

Yep, we made it back alive. Soon as we unpack, shake all the insects out and cleanup, I’ll post some interesting ideas and strategies to share regarding payday loan enterprises and offshore strategies. I spoke with lawyers, bankers and payday loan operators from Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico… there was even a tribe or two at this 4 day conference with workshops! Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com 702-208-6736


Offshore Convention-Off the Grid-Micro-Lending,Taxes,IBC’s,Vendors,Suppliers and More

Jer Ayles-Ayler Trihouse ConsultingMonday Feb. 20 through Saturday Feb. 25th, our Team is attending the Offshore Convention. This takes place in deepest, darkest… shhh … it’s a SECRET! We’re off-the-grid. Phone calls may be iffy buy we will have email/internet access. Support@TrihouseConsulting.com