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Free Demo: Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business

Mobile friendly websites

Own a business? Think your customers are using their phone to find you? Call you? Buy from you? You bet your ass! Your customer is reaching for their phone, typing in payday loan Houston… sushi San Diego, cash for gold 92661… car title loan 89104… check casher Kansas City… you name it. And, you’d better look good on that phone! Your customer expects to click a button to call you, find you on a map, send you a text, email your store, make an appointment, verify your business is REAL! If you look like crap on a phone, YOU DO NOT EXIST! Need more proof? Am I beating a “dead-horse?” Read on… from Google… the GOD of marketing! Get a FREE DEMO of your business on your customer’s phone. Visit: EZMobileToday.com

Get a free “Before and After” of your business: EZMobileToday.com


Businesses-Mobile Phone Friendly Web Sites or DIE

Before and After Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site

Before and After Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site

If you have a business in need of more customers (who doesn’t) you need a mobile phone friendly web site to survive! Here’s a link to a really excellent Article with before and after examples. The author is extremely knowledgeable and worth your time. (I should know, I’m Jer, the author and co-founder of EZMobileToday.com :o)


Has Your Customer Gone Mobile?

Has your audience gone mobile? If your payday loan, car title, pawn, or check cashing business relies on your ability to deliver email to your clients, you’d better study this info-graph. While you’re at it, do you realize that within 2 years your customer will not be able to purchase anything but a “smart phone!” What does your web site look like on your customer’s phone? To beat your competition, you must make your web site “Mobile Phone Friendly.” Look at these examples: EZMobileToday.com

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