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Car Title Loan Lending-How To

If you’re into car title lending, read on. Otherwise leave now!

We have 4 seats left for our Car Title Loan Bootcamp.
It’s in Orange County, Calif. on Wednesday, November 13.
10 A.M. to 4 P.M. (PDT) 30 minute lunch break Maximum allowed.

Details: Takes place in a “live” car title/payday loan store
1) Step-by-step startup procedures
2) Capital requirements under various scenarios
3) Licensing (80% focused on Calif.)
4) Marketing
5) Operations
6) Contracts/Docs needed
7) Loan management software – you’ll view actual transactions/reports
8) Collections
9) Repo’s
10) Cash flow
11) ROI
12) Capitalizing
13) Personnel
14) Phone scripts
15) Collateral valuations
16) Latest state of the industry projections
17) Networking opportunities
18) More…

Meet with real guys doing actual car title loans every day in Calif.
Bring your questions! I will be there as well to pontificate :o)
Be ready to work! This is NOT a superficial “state of the union” workshop!

Investment: $995.00 (Check, credit cards, PayPal, virtual wallet accepted :o)
Tax deductible
Location near Disneyland & John Wayne Airport

More details?
Call Danny at Paid2Day.com 866-210-1709

Jer – Trihouse