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Gold Buying Business Flourishes

The buying and selling of scrap gold, silver and platinum continues to reap rewards for businesses. The Sacramento Bee just ran a story on the continued demand by consumers for reputable gold buying services. With the current economic situation one can expect this revenue stream to continue to yield substantial profits for entrepreneurs in the gold buying and selling industry.

Gold is hovering around $850 per ounce and many expect it to reach an all time high in 2009. For an exact price: GoldintoLoot.com

We like this business! It’s easy to learn and extremely profitable. Supplies and marketing materials are minimal and cash turnover is substantial. Not only can you offer in a “brick-n-mortar” but an Internet operation is a no-brainer. It takes very little to add this service to your store(s) or simply have an inexpensive web site built at rentacoder.

For training and free supplies: GoldintoLoot.com