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Average Folks Question Banning Payday Loans

Sometimes we forget just what a payday loan means to a family that experiences a temporary financial setback and has no where to turn for help.

I am a single father of three children. I have had a career in the aviation field since serving 7 years in the U.S. Navy. I make mid 40’s for yearly income. Then I pay my monthly bills and there is no more room for anything else. There have been several times that these payday advance businesses have saved me from a grim financial time. In this position, I haven’t got family, friends to rely on and have to resort to “survival of the fittest.” When a check is returned at my bank, it is the equivelant charge of getting a payday loan of $250 (the fee would be $37 vs. a $35 fee from my bank.) Granted, of course there is a loan involved but the money was used for food, gas etc.

Why is it in the interest of our local state gov. to forbid this? I have spoken to people that are well off with money and everyone of them have agreed that these loans should be terminated, the business should be put under as if they are loan sharks. I have never been late on payment so I wouldn’t know…

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