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Marketing Ideas, Capital and ACH for Payday Loan and Car Title Lenders

Payday loan marketing ideas

Social Media Marketing World

By Jer Trihouse. I just returned from the Social Media Marketing World extravaganza in San Diego. 3 days devoted to marketing tactics and strategies for payday loan and car title lenders – No not really! All industries were represented. Man, it really pays to step out of your comfort zone by sharing ideas and learning from experts in industries other than lending. I must admit that on more than one occasion, when I responded with candor to the question, “So Jer, what do YOU do,” my response was not always met with admiration. On the other hand, on several occasions, I found myself in the middle of some large groups of fascinated listeners.

Over the next few weeks, return here to for some revolutionary ideas for using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, mobile websites, SMS, and much more to ramp up your transaction volume for your alternative financial services business.

And of equal importance, I have another ACH processor for tribes and offshore lenders plus “serious” [$5M minimum] capital available for well established lenders. This is “real” so do not waste one another’s time!

702-208-6736 [My phone rings off the hook. It’s my cell. Text or leave a message if you miss me.]

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