State of the Payday Loan Industry Today

Here’s a quick summary of what’s going on in the micro-lending space today!

The Internet side is growing 30% – 35%. There is a constant influx of newer, younger customers accessing short-term lending products. They’re coming to us via the Internet and their phone. Rather than cannibalizing the stores, the Internet is bringing new customers to our services. A majority of these consumers have not appeared in our data bases before. Of course, Internet loans = higher default rates (double) but fixed costs are considerably lower. The keys to success here? SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), smart lead buying, analytics, use of offline marketing strategies…

Sure, there are still millions of consumers entering payday loan stores all over the world! However, there’s a huge number of tech savvy, younger consumers entering the work force in search of “quick-n-easy” access to cash via technology.

Millions of new consumers graduate from high school and college every year. Many of them get jobs in spite of what you’re hearing in the media. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re in the USA, Canada, the UK, Poland, Finland, the AU… they tend to spend more than they make – it’s human nature!

For those customers that have already used our products, nothing has changed for them either. Consumers are facing higher costs for goods and services. Wages are flat to stagnating. They need money now! The ALICE demographic continues to grow.

Example? I got a call today from a lady in Virginia. She works for the department of education. She was sobbing because she needed cash to get her prescription. The problem? She had paid off her payday loan with a licensed lender in Virginia but she had not yet been removed from the Virginia state data base. She chose to get a loan to solve this challenge via the Internet! Multiply this experience by millions and you’ll begin to understand our industry and our customer.

The “in-home loan model” is going strong! The payday loan product is offered and serviced at the consumer’s home. This is particularly pronounced in the UK and the Scandinavian market. We’re seeing this develop in the USA car title lending market and payday loans to a lesser extent. It’s a growing trend!

The world wide pawn/ collateralized loan segment is growing dramatically. Pawn shops are experiencing record profits and growth in revenue. Typical monthly fees for these collateralized loans run in the high teens. Cloud based pawn software and internet transactions are beginning to appear in this segment as well. We’ve had a number of creative entrepreneurs reach out to us lately for help in reaching potential franchisees/investors or introducing new solutions for operators in the pawn business.

Scrap gold jewelry buying is going through the roof! We have clients netting over $50K per year in some very competitive markets. If you aren’t in this space yet, FIGURE IT OUT!

Regarding acquisitions? The lack of liquidity is creating a pipeline of realistic sellers. Very sophisticated money is on the prowl for partners who offer local expertise and opportunities for growth in markets that are new to them.

The bottom line? There has never been more opportunity in our space! Growth is world-wide. What should you do? Research! Figure out what you and your Team bring. Choose the right partners. Develop your “secret sauce.”
Consult, analyze, adjust, and implement. Then REPEAT!
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  • hannahallen says:

    Payday loans take a lot of different shapes and forms. The bottom line is payday loans are dodgy and if you can least minimize some risk then that is a good think. Financial problems occur for everybody. This can cause some severe difficulties. These times will lead you to needing some fast cash. That is when you can get a no credit check pay day loan. Lenders know that it is hard to get help if you do not have ideal credit, so they make it easier for you. You just have to give up some basic info. You won’t have any late payments this way.

  • Frank says:

    Yes on-line payday loans may be a bit cheaper to do. However as you said the default rate is huge. What is needed is to get those online customers from online to into the store. A thought comes to mind. Have them fill out the paperwork online then get them to come into a local lender storefront to finish and get the money?

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