Smart Phone Websites

Mobilize your business or die!

Here are your problems!

According to a Pew research poll, as of May 2013, 56% of American adults have a smartphone. As of April 2012, 55% of adult cell owners use the internet on their mobile phones; nearly double what we found three years ago.

31% of current cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. That works out to 17% of all adult cell owners who are “cell-mostly internet users”—that is, who use their phone for most of their online browsing.

And these are and will only grow.

If you do not have a mobile friendly web site that is also listed with the major mobile search engines you are missing out on virtually 100% of these customers.

In today’s economy you need every customer you can get. What is a customer worth over a lifetime to you and your business? We cannot answer that question for you, only you can.

Here are your solutions

Do nothing and watch your compition get the customers as you close your business for good. Or you could invest $0.00 in the future of conducting business, getting new customers, and your business as a whole.

EZ Mobile Today is your solution.

First take out your cell phone and search for your business in Google or Bing. (If you do not have a Smart phone it’s OK ask an employee or one of your kids to use theirs.) Do you come up in the local listings? Even if you do, how does your site look? We are willing to bet it doesn’t look as good as it does on your computer. If you have a site at all.

Second take a look at this web site address: or first on your computer then on your cell phone.


Third: Do a search for pizza or coffee. Do you see the difference?

Do you want a professionally designed and promoted mobile friendly site? Contact us today.