Payday Loans Video Advertising and Youtube

As video becomes more and more pervasive, payday loan companies are figuring out how to use the Internet to get their messages in front of consumers. Receiving fair treatment from the media is virtually an impossibility for the payday loan industry. The bias exhibited by newspaper and television reporters is so blatant it sickens me! Thus, every opportunity and method of getting our message out must be explored and utilized. This includes Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…

Here is an example of some video work by Check-n-Go:

There are many free methods of advertising your payday loan web site or your brick-n-mortar. YouTube.com is just one. Craigslist.com is another. And as mentioned earlier, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace… and new ones entering the marketplace everyday are great ways to get in front of your consumers.

When planning to use video, simplicity is the key to success. I suggest you start with the a simple, inexpensive stand with a remote for your smart phone like this one:. It’s EXTREMELY simple, it offers great quality, it comes with super, easy to use, built-in software enabling you to upload your video to Youtube in minutes WITHOUT the need to read an owners manual! Here’s a link:
I bought mine at Amazon with free shipping and we were using it within just minutes of it’s arrival!

Keep in mind, not only can you create video of your customers but you can focus on your location, your employees, maps, your products, your services… You’re only limit is your creativity.

Finally, if you’re not really into this new media, tap the talents and hobbies of your children, your employees, your spouse… We’re experimenting with having our customers submit videos for a $500 prize! The best one will be posted on YouTube. We’ll run the contest for several months and hopefully receive 1000’s of views and some notoriety.

So… what do you think? Can this strategy make you some money? Let us know your results!

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  • <a href="http://www.payday-loanhub..com/">P Brett says:

    Thanks for the information. I own and operate a payday loan review website. I’ve used craigslist in the past to advertise. I’m working on video reviews for the lenders on my site. I like the idea of having a video submitting contest.

  • Auguste Dubuisson says:

    Compare lenders and apply for a credit card, a shor term loan, a mortgage loan, an auto loan, or credit service

  • BillyJ says:

    I tried this!! After 2 weeks of fiddling with this, I picked up 6 new customers. I figure they’re worth $4000 to $8000 in fees over the next several years.

    Thanks Payday Loan Guys!!

  • sam says:

    Thanks for all your information.

  • Steven Knight says:

    My son turned me on to that Flip video camera a few weeks ago. I like it! I’ve been playing with it but after reading this article I’m gonna get serious and make some money for our stores with it!


  • Marta says:

    Thanks you guys. Some good ideas here. We started using Craigslist and pickup another 4 to 8 customers every week from it. We have our phone number and a map also. We’re planning our web site for our payday loan store and we’ll link from Craigslist to the web site. We’re pretty excited about video now to!


  • Honest John says:

    Great ideas Jer. I was thinking about using video to advertise my store but I had no clue about how to approach it or what equipment I needed.

    My daughter just bought one of those Flip video cameras and she’s been raving about it. I’ll get her down to my store and experiment a bit!

    Thanks again and keep up the fight!!

    Honest John

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