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The media never entertains the idea that the payday loan product can do any good despite the fact that consumers by the millions use them! Every media treatment is focused on the negative; the few in our industry, like all industries, that do harm our reputations.

So, it’s nice to happen upon a news rant that average folks chose to comment on. And even nicer to find a couple of common sense responses by consumers lacking an ax to grind!!

Here’s a novel idea from Jeffrey over at: Arizona Star

“Kind of an easy target. Since these places are successful a lot of people must use their services. Why has no reporter ever interviewed people for whom the Payday Loan places were helpful? What will these customers do now if they need a few hundred bucks to tide them over? Will you loan it to them?”

And Michael adds this, “It is good these politicians want to do away with the Payday lenders because they would probably never need them. These make a good target with out doing much work and the pols get their name in the press.

Jeffrey has it right, interview the people that use them. What are their needs?
When I was in the service every ship had their “payday lenders” 3 for 5 and they made the twice a month payday stretch.

Pawn shops are no different, when you pawn an object their success depends on you not paying it off in the 30 day period and they sell it at some value much greater than the pawn ticket was worth.”

It appears to me the average American citizen has the common sense our politicians, self-serving consumer protectionists, and our competitors (bankers, credit card companies and credit unions) lack!

What do you think? Does the average consumer get us?

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  • Payday Loan Advocate says:

    John McCain’s speech in Dayton, Ohio, was repeated on The New York Times. The Arizona senator appears to be in a fighting mode stating, “I’m an American. And I choose to fight. Don’t give up hope. Be strong. Have courage. And fight.” Through his words, he aims to fight for what’s right for America, for justice and opportunity, for the children. McCain makes sure not to ignore the economic concerns that are affecting every individual in the country and others, with items like Issue 5 on the agenda for Ohio voters. He is not hesitant to point out the “Barack the Re-distributor” will spread the wealth and not put policies in place that will create more jobs and opportunities for the nation. While Obama believes taxes are too low, McCain says the spending which seemed normal during the Bush administration is too high. As our country calls out for an economic resolution, McCain does not focus on payday loans as much as Obama. Obama’s promise to bail out Wall Street bankers with $750 billion of taxpayers’ money will not only put a strain on the industry, but many Americans as well. McCain’s ultimate plan for the economy is to “get it out of the ditch and back in the lead.” He feels this will enable Americans to rest easy, knowing they will pass on a better legacy to their children and grandchildren.

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