Payday Loan Tribe Lawsuit -Tucker “Rent-a-Tribe” Update

Payday loan tribe model: wrong move? Robinson v. Tucker — RICO Class Action against Miami Tribe/Santee Sioux Payday Lending Business Partners
Get the Case  filed in Kansas City District Court Here: Robinson v. Tucker      It’s available via Adobe Acrobat from our server at PaydayManual.com

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  • Frank says:

    Are they going to be able to get past the sovereign nation part of the tribal nation payday loan industry?

  • Franklin says:

    Tucker is a smart guy. He blazed the trail for the rest of us. The problem seems to be he simply partnered with a tribe AFTER he claimed sovereign immunity. No rush to judgment here but at least Tucker has the cash to make this a good fight!

    It will be interesting to see if the tribe succumbs to any subpoenas. They have not in the past. Additionally, did the FEDS seize Tucker’s data, computers and files? Or were they on the reservation?

    Thanks for staying on top of this Jer!

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