Payday Loan Operators-How to Make Tons of Cash With Your Data

Can you use FREE money? Would you like to make a ton of money with your existing customer data? A ton of money just with your “dormant files” and your non-current customer information?

Your customer data has tremendous value. And there are companies willing to pay you a ton of money every month for this information. You can monetize your customer data at zero expense to you and with no risk of cannibalizing your data.

And there is zero risk of ANY marketing to your data by third-parties!

This is literally FREE CASH FOR YOU!

So…  want to know how this works and what it means in dollars and cents to you and your operation?

Read on…

You, the data owner or Contributor, “park” your consumer data records with “THE COMPANY” via a data transfer to a secured FTP web site. The data is stored using state of the art security to protect all data. “THE COMPANY” scrubs this data against their current database of records. Any data records “THE COMPANY” doesn’t already have in their database are accepted and held in the Contributor’s (that’s you).

When one of the clients of “THE COMPANY” (typically a licensed and bonded debt collector or law firm) performs an authorized social security search for a consumer and they find it in your file and purchase the consumer record from “THE COMPANY”, you share in the revenue derived from that sale.

So… a debt collector has paid “THE COMPANY” for the consumer data that you provided “THE COMPANY” thus enabling you to receive a commission for your data contribution.

Let’s use an example.

XYZ Payday Loan Company dumps 100,000 records into “THE COMPANY’s” database on January 5. “THE COMPANY” reconciles the 100,000 consumer records provided by XYZ and discovers 37,000 of those consumer names are unique and not yet in “THE COMPANY’s” database. (Let’s say the other 67K consumer names were already present having been contributed by other Payday Loan Companies.) So… continuing our example, let’s say for the next 25 days remaining in January, clients of “THE COMPANY” search for 50,000 records of which 75 “hits” come from records previously submitted by XYZ Payday Loan Company.

“THE COMPANY” bills their clients (Collection Companies) net 30 at the end of January for let’s say 75 hits X $20.00/ea. = $1500.00. “THE COMPANY” collects this $1500.00 from their client by March 1 and pays you, the Data Contributor, X% of the $1500.00 collected. Typically, you’ll receive payment about 60 days after your first data contribution followed by monthly cash payments after that.

Benefits to you, the Data Contributor?

Additional revenue by monetizing the consumer data you have anyway! Consumer data from your dormant or denied files and non-current customers; data you have zero use for! Dead data that would not normally yield revenue to you!! FREE MONEY!!!

How it works.

Simple! You simply dump your data at a secured FTP web site. Virtually all file types are can be accepted. Then you make regular data dumps to the FTP site to keep growing your record base. Hot lining the data after the initial transfer usually yields higher returns. Just ask we will explain!

How to Qualify.

You really need at least 50,000 records less than 12 months old. Data records older than 12 months are acceptable but not as valuable. Contact us! Let us know what you have! This program is for both Internet and Store-front operators in consumer related industries.

How to Turn Your Consumer Data into $$$$$$

Send an email to:
Your Name, Phone, Best time to call.
Please include an approximate number of records you have along with the aging. For example: I have 65k records from the last 6 months, 100k records in the 6-12 months age and another 200k over 12 months old.

All information is kept strictly confidential and your company name will never be disclosed as a data contributor.

Does this sound like a no-brainer? Your thoughts? What micro-lending information do you desperately need?

Do you have a  that’s service, product or opportunity that is relevant to our readers?


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  • TMK Enterprises says:

    This looks very interesting. We have consumer data in a related industry available for sale. Is this something we can do also?


  • Overnight Loans Inc says:

    WOW! You guys continue to educate and bring opportunities for making money in the payday loan business. We’ve been selling our consumer data for the past 4 months; great way to add income to our bottom line.

    Thank you!!

  • Overnight Loans Inc says:

    WOW! You guys continue to educate and bring opportunities for making money in the payday loan business. Thank you!!

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