Payday Loan Industry-Opportunities, Challenges and Respect

Jer here. My rant today targets the multitude of opportunities in the payday loan space.

Capital is simply a commodity! Ask what your financier brings to the table in addition to dollars.

This isn’t a short analysis. You want superficial B.S? Click away now . Pay the price, invest 5 minutes of your time and THINK.

There are serious disturbances occurring today. Worldwide consumer demand, technology, regulatory oversight, extraordinary availability of capital, disclosure and cycle-of-debt issues…

What does all this really mean? There has never been more opportunity in our space than today. Sure, there are challenges.


Customers all over the world – by the millions – want our product.

What’s this mean to you? How do you want to get involved?

Do you want to partner? Are you an Investor? A Lender? Have capital? Need capital? Got an idea? Are you a vendor? A seller? Want to sell your stores? Your Internet operation? Sell your portfolio?

LET ME KNOW! I’M BOMBARDED DAILY by Lenders, Operators, Investors, Buyers, VC’s, Hedge Funds and Entrepreneurs! Let’s explore together…

Here are a few in no particular order:

  • Serious $$ ($2M-$10M+) needs placement. Very smart, experienced operators are in demand! The financiers need YOU! ROI? Depends on the “deal,” the structure, the Team, the terms,the exit strategy…
  • Capital looking for opportunities. Know anyone with a SOLID team in place, not a start-up, already have substantial “skin in the game ($$) who needs capital $2M+ for funding PDL’s (no infrastructure build-out, no operations expenses to be paid with a new capital infusion), probably earn 2% – 5%/month or more depending on the deal/structure/equity?
  •  Brick-n-mortar buyers with cash! Want to sell? Fast?
  •  Internet biz buyers. Want to sell your Internet Biz/Portfolio?
  • Investors: 3rd Party Lenders in Texas! Huge demand due to disclosure requirement of Third Party Lender on new CAB License as of January 1st, 2012. Fully collateralized, 15-20% annual ROI is typical. Secondary challenge is the $25k net asset requirement per location – operators need help with this kind of operating capital too. There are over 3,500 Texas CSO’s and Texas is blowing up with business
  • Operator with 10 years+ experience, started Brick-n-mortar, now have $150K on the street via Internet. Looking for $100K – $500K in tranches strictly for funding PDL’s via the Internet. Strong Team!. Couple of state licenses currently..Ready to rock-n-roll!
  • So. California stores for sale.
  • Mississippi stores for sale
  •  Missouri stores for sale
  • Several other states with stores for sale
  • We have a “ton” of small, very experienced Lenders in PDL or car title all over the USA looking for expansion capital. For example, very small car title Lender in TX, 15 years exp. looking for $50K for funding. These are not start-ups. They just can’t meet demand nor can they access the banks. Boatloads of this scenario! Beautiful, tightly run store winning system and making money.
  • Tribes need access to capital to launch PDL operations, casinos, check cashing stores, infrastructure, training and more.
  •  Exploring the tribal/sovereign nation model? Need help?
  • Are you a compliance pro? An “in-the-trenches collaborator” capable of working with “crazy” payday loan entrepreneurs?
  • Need help navigating the Texas CSO>CAB transition?
  • Are you a seasoned payday loan professional looking for new opportunities? Are you a Lender in need of experienced talent? Our industry in cranking! Complete privacy assured.
  • Analytic savants needed. Everyone is working on their “secret sauce.”
  • Plenty more all over the map but I gotta go row! Newport Beach is BEAUTIFUL today!

Look, my phone rings off the hook all day! Some days I’m on it non-stop. (Actually I have 2 cells, a notebook, a laptop, a desk top, and iPad and an iPod!).I’m buried with the daily dynamics and opportunities in Lending. Call me 702-208-6736. Send an email Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com with your ideas/needs.

And do your research! Get up to speed. Figure out what you want to do in this PDL game. It’s INTERNATIONAL! Visit the DFC Global web site and listen to their last 10K! Look-up Zest Cash, Wonga, DebtResolve… They’re all discussed on my Blog.


Finally: A RESPECTFUL, short comment about our industry by a Banker:



Just getting started? http://paydaymanual.com/cash-advance-store.html

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  • Franklin says:

    I have been investing in PDL stores since the early 2000’s. It’s been a highly lucrative strategy. What continues to surprise me is that there are still opportunities in so many markets.

    We took the plunge a few years back and became a lender via the Internet. Initially we were simply monetizing leads and eventually began lending under the state licensing model. We’re in 8 states now.

    What I’m wondering about now is the tribe lending model. Should we experiment with it? Is this a good strategy? For how long? Will the FED ‘s change the game?

    Would love to hear your thoughts and those of your readers.

  • Connie says:

    Well yet again you have got me motivated to take my business to the next level. Your correct about there being a lot of opportunities for my business and money for it. Thanks for the motivation.

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