Payday Loan Funded in 120 Seconds: Real World Example on a Sunday

  1. A funded loan in 120 seconds? On a Sunday? My story below about a borrower named Tiffany will blow your mind. Instant funding. 24/7/365. No friction. No delays. Funds available to the borrower in minutes. No ACH. Easily REMARKET to your past borrowers! This is how you build your “book.”
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Tiffany broke down into tears! The baby’s screaming, she spilled her coffee, and her tire shop wants $300 to replace the two front tires on her 2009 Honda.

It’s Sunday at 1 pm.

What to do?

Tiffany has $76.89 in her bank account. She doesn’t get paid by her employer Allstate Call Center Services for 10 more days.

So, Tiffany, [like 14,000,000+ folks per the FED: “40% of US households can’t come up with $400 cash in an emergency!”] whips out her phone, types Dallas payday loan, clicks on Fast Cash Dallas, submits her short loan application online… and BAM! INSTANT FUNDING is here TODAY!

IMMEDIATELY, the following happens:

  • Step 1: Fast Cash Dallas, via 100% automation, sends an SMS text message having a link to her bank account that prompts her to enter her bank login credentials. [Could be an email if she prefers.]
  • Step 2: Tiffany clicks the SMS link and logs in.
  • Step 3: Fast Cash Dallas “looks” at the past 365 days of Tiffany’s bank account activity in “read-only.”

LESS THAN 2 MINUTES LATER, Tiffany has $400 credited to her Wells Fargo debit card. The new tires are on 30 minutes later, Tiffany pays for the tires with her Wells Fargo bank card and she and the baby are off…

Fast Cash Dallas “liked” what they saw, approved Tiffany for $400 and “pushed” the $400 loan proceeds straight to her.


On a Sunday at 1 pm?

With zero human intervention?

  • Tiffany’s Wells Fargo bank account was verified.
  • Tiffany’s Driver’s license/ID is verified
  • Tiffany’s Allstate call center payroll deposits were verified.
  • Tiffany was identified has having previous payday loans with Sunset Financial Services and Sunrise Cash Advance AND paid off.
  • Tiffany’s Dallas location at the tire store was verified
  • Tiffany’s address and apartment rent payments were verified
  • Tiffany’s Wells Fargo bank balance at this very moment – Sunday 1 pm – was determined
  • Wells Fargo had charged Tiffany 2X totaling $66.40 for NSF’s during the past 60 days.
  • Tiffany’s past 365 days Wells Fargo bank account expenditures were reviewed
  • Tiffany’s cell phone bill payments were verified
  • It was verified Tiffany was not applying for more than one payday loan simultaneously with other payday loan companies (stacking)
  • Tiffany has been at the same address for 8 months.
  • Tiffany holds a massage therapy license. Who knew?
  • No need for Fast Cash Dallas to buy an expensive Tiffany FICO credit score.

Fast Cash Dallas has automated its loan approval process.

And this isn’t Tiffany’s first rodeo.

The moment Tiffany hit “Submit” on her phone, AI (artificial intelligence) kicked in combined with automation, integration with credit reporting agencies, instant bank verification platforms, a same day 24/7 push funds service…  

Tiffany is “stored” in Fast Cash Dallas’s database. She opted-in to receive text messages with “refer a friend” rewards, special offers… in the future.

The next time Tiffany needs some cash, who do you think Tiffany will borrow from?

Fast Cash Dallas already has Tiffany’s Wells Fargo card info. Bam! $$ in 60 seconds!

Again: Instant funding. 24/7/365. No friction. No delays. Funds available to the borrower in minutes. No ACH. Easily REMARKET to past borrowers! This is how you build your “book.” This is how you “Build to Sell.” [This is a good time for you to read my, “Why Buy Instead of Start a Loan Business.”

This is “The Business of Lending Money to the Masses Profitably Today.”



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