Payday Loan Companies Hijacking Web Sites

Jer Trihouse Payday Loan Industry ResourcesBy Jer Ayles-Ayler

Payday loan brokers are hacking into unrelated websites to divert their history and status to the payday loan lead generators’ domain. Web site hijacking improves the PDL lead generators ranking on Google leading to millions in profits for the lead brokers.

These findings come as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT-UK)) prepares a report on the “dirty tricks in the payday loan market,” due to be published in February, 2013.

Sky News writes, “Google’s natural listings system can be tricked. Sky News found three payday websites that were stealing the credibility of other websites to boost their ranking. The target victim sites included a music business, a graduate website and even a church website.”

Read the entire piece written by Jason Farrell, Sky Correspondent:
“Payday Loan Sites’ Dirty Tricks To Boost Traffic”

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  • Ben Martineau says:

    Just yesterday a man at an event asked me “You do title loans? Don’t you have to bend your morals just to be in that industry?” I answered him with an emphatic “NO!” I went on to explain that I integrity comes first before profits and let him know some of the initiatives I have in place to ensure that my companies morals are not compromised.

    It is true, that the public see’s payday and other forms of alternative lending as a immoral and corrupt industry – like debt collectors, or casinos – who would go into those businesses other than a money-hungry fellow who is out to take advantage of the poor and less privileged? Stories like the one above just propagate this falsehood. Shame on the hijackers.

    Because the public is of this incorrect opinion I believe that us alternative lenders must be extra moral, and extra honest. What better way to fight a falsehood? I propose that stories like this only strengthen our resolve to do business ethically – make sure our websites are generating traffic legally and not through manipulation or at someone else’s expense. Recheck to ensure we are being transparent and truly helping those who can not obtain credit elsewhere.

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