Payday Loan Collection Scam – Vultures on the Prowl

Payday Loan Collection Scams

If you’re one of the millions of payday loan consumers out there, BEWARE!

Collection company agents are scamming payday loan users out of their hard earned cash.

The Kansas Attorney General, Steve Six, reports that Kansas residents are complaining about collectors calling with claims that the consumer took out an Internet based payday loan and never repaid it.

There are unsubstantiated claims by residents of other states as well.

Some of these payday loan collection agents are posing as law enforcement officers! It’s not uncommon for these collectors to threaten consumers with jail.

Payday loan consumers should be aware that their is no debtor’s prison in America.

These scam artists often identify themselves as ACS, National Affidavit Processing Department and United Financial Crime Division. The calls may be originating offshore.

It’s not unusual for the payday loan collection agents to have the ability to provide their victims with personal data including social security numbers and bank account information; even computer IP numbers.

Western Union appears to be the preferred method of payment requested of the consumers.

If contacted, consumers should demand a written notice specifying the amount of the debt, the name of the payday loan company, contact information of the payday loan company, and validation of the debt.

We advise the consumer to immediately determine if the payday loan company is licensed in the consumer’s state! If not, do not pay!

One last point; our readers should not conclude that these collection scams are singularly focused on the payday loan industry. These vultures ply their wares in virtually every financial product offered in the marketplace today.

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  • lara says:

    I have been having the same thing happen to me today and I am in Maryland I do have a call into my attorneys office but not sure what to do to stop the calls

  • Dale d says:

    i too had the same thing in fact they called me 8 times today .. and they didnt stop calling till i told them i wanted to speak with someone that was american they kept transferring me to another middle east person with an accent and then i told them to send me the suit in writting . and they havent called back since .and the number shows up as located in pottstown pennsylvania on my phone .

  • Tammie says:

    OMG… This just happen to me yesterday morning. some guy with a very strong accent called me saying that I was being sued by ez cash loans… never heard of these people. I kept telling him I never took out any type of loan with anyone.All he would say is.” you dont have to explain to me explain it in court.” I asked to speak with a supervisor, another man with a very strong accent named mark told me that I was being sued in total for some 5,000. This man had all of my info. bank account number, where I worked, as well as my ssn. I contacted my bank because he said the funds had been deposited into my account. My bank told me there had been no attempts for deposit from any type of loan place, she told me to call back and ask what routing number they have so I did. When I called the number back it would just ring and ring, about 15 min. later they called me back asking was I trying to call them. Right away I thought to my self….what company calls you back and says.”yes Tammie did you just try calling.” Really!!! I asked what routing number they had and he would not give me any info to what I was asking just kept telling me we’re fowarding this to higher up and everything would be done by the end of the day. The number that called me wasn’t even a real number 320-051-685. The number that “mark” gave me was 209-243-0108. EVERYONE!!! please be awear and protect your self!!!

  • Renee says:

    Same thing happend to me this morning. They say it is for EZ Cash USA – saying I’m being sued for unpaid loan for 300. I’m being sued for a total of like 4000.00. He would not give me the contact information, or send anything to me in writing. He told me to have my lawyer contact him and he would send the information to him. Strong Middle – Eastern accent, he knew my address, ssn, place of employment, and bank account information.

  • lisa e says:

    same thing happenened to me feb 12 2011 a middle eastern man said this was a time sensitive issue or he will come to my door with court papers….when i asked him to send me information he refused he asked if i had an attourney i told him i was not giving him information unless he told me what company he was from….again he refused…..all he said he was a lawyer…he told me good luck…and god bless…they kept putting their hand over the phone and you could hear whispering…..they said the internet service payday loan was EZ CASH USA…. I have never heard of these people…..then when i told them they were full of crap he hung up on me…..whatever!!!!!he also used an american name their phone number is 760-651-2610 also when i checked the phone number on the internet nothing came up…..amazing!!!!

  • Nikki says:

    Claims to be debt collector from payday loan that I did NOT have. Threatening messages asking for attorney info. and saying “God Bless You and Good Luck”. Speak VERY broken english. Gives American/English name with STRONG middle-eastern accent. ie: Officer Mark Reneiecen, Aaron Thompson, John Adams. Threatening jail time, court fees. Sometimes claims to be from “All American Financial” or “Federal Dept. of Justice.” Claims to “download” a subpoena..arrest warrant…law suit..going to arrest me at work…meet me at courthouse. HILARIOUS considering i actually work for the state level Justice Cabinet! Sometimes claims to be representing CashNetUSA or CashUSA.Net. Call cell, place of business..and anyone you may have listed as a reference on an online payday loan….from years ago! Gave him the # to may attorney….the Better Business Bureau….became irate.

    #s used:

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