Payday Loan Business Startup

It’s INCREDIBLE how PROFITABLE and POWERFUL a consumer lending business can be!

Simply put, lending is the best possible business you can be in.

Why? Your inventory is cash and credit. It’s not roses or fruit rotting. It’s not cars depreciating. It’s not selling your accounting or car repair service over and over again while you pray you don’t receive a bad Yelp review!

YOUR inventory is MONEY! And EVERYONE needs MONEY!

Call these loans payday loans, installment loans, line-of-credit, cash advances, FinTech…

Make Money Lending Money

Make Money Lending Money

Whether you’re focused on starting or improving as a lender via the store model, the Internet model, or a combination of the two, we pledge to bring you the latest news, solutions, legislative developments, vendor offerings and more.

Some of our topics in the past have included collection techniques, software, the Internet, store selection, man-loading, identity validation, alternative payday loan methods, the Credit Services, Organization Texas-Ohio (CSO/CAB) Model, loan management software (LMS), industry conventions and much, much more.

Our latest ramblings are available here: http://www.PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com

If you’re relatively new to the payday loan industry and are in need of solid, thorough payday loan knowledge, we recommend you consider investing in our 400+ page How to Start a Payday Loan Training “Bible” available in a printed or Adobe Acrobat version.

We print and ship our latest version of this Manual to you in a 3-ring binder with a CD containing sample contracts, disclosure forms, APR calculation formulas & examples, laws, statutes, fee structures and more for your state or province. You may review the contents of our Payday Loan Training “Bible” here:
http://www.PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com/courses Note that our “Bible” covers both the Internet Model and the Store Model. Additionally, we thoroughly cover the various licensing models including state, province, offshore, tribe and Texas/Ohio CSO/CAB.

The payday loan industry is an extremely dynamic, profitable niche. We made our entry into it in late 1997. Today we operate stores and websites in addition to consulting. We are not simply three guys who write books! We are Lenders, consultants and conduits for payday loans, car title lending installment lending and scrap gold businesses.

Email us Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com with ANY questions or requests for help. You may also call us at 702-208-6736. (PDT)

We look forward to helping you make substantial profits in the Payday Loan Industry.

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