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If you don’t own and operate at least one payday loan store, stop reading NOW! My friend and collaborator, Miro Posavec, a Co-Founder of PaydayLoanUniversity.com and CEO at TotalOperationsManagement has written a brand new PDL Course for store operators. Take a look… Miro is offering a limited time, serious discount to followers of Trihouse Consulting. AGAIN, this is NOT for NEWBIES! “Seasoned” PDL operators ONLY!
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Powerhouse Course

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EXPOSED: Secrets that you can use to increase your storefront payday loan business


PROFIT from my mistakes, experience, and hard won wisdom. My course will CREATE increased revenues, reduce losses, and grant you many peaceful nights.


What tools and strategies do online lenders use to give loans to customers that they’ll never meet or see in person? How do they lend money when they’ll never see a Drivers’ license, paystub, or bank statement?

This information is the real deal with nothing held back. Marketing, underwriting, collections, employee relations, THEFT prevention, and bad debt. It’s all in there. And sometimes it’s not pretty.

My Powerhouse Course offers killer strategies for payday owners to grow their business through MEASURED marketing. You will see how the “tricks” the Online lenders use can benefit you.

You’ll discover how to attract more of your ideal customers and clients, get them to come back more often, have them spending more on each visit and send you more referrals than you ever thought possible.

AND, I’m going to teach you how to HOLD onto those dollars by preventing employee theft, reducing bad debt, and be more effective at collections.

The Payday industry is very different. If you want to learn the strategies you need to have the business you dream of and hold every single dollar you spend accountable for multiplying itself then Powerhouse is the resource for you.

  • * Build a better, smoother operation
  • * Attract and retain your IDEAL customers
  • * Create an  “extreme” competitive advantage
  • * Skyrocket your sales and multiply your profits in ANY Economy
  • * STEAL the secrets online operators use and apply them to your operation.
  • * The secrets to magical underwriting
  • * Using tools that you’ve probably never heard of
  • * Put cash in your pocket NOW
  • * Get your bad debt money BACK
  • * Be Top Dog in your Marketplace EVEN with a huge national competitor next door.
  • * Remove ALL obstacles to enjoying your business and your life.
  • * Get more done in less time

A completely UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME Guarantee!

And here it is, plain and simple: If at any time you’re dissatisfied, simply return the information for a prompt
and courteous refund – for life!

So, let’s look at my product offering and How you can save big $$$ if you order NOW!

1: Powerhouse Storefront Operations Course:
My 180+ page guide to Marketing, employee relations, and enhanced operations.
List Price of this course: $595.00 But if you order by midnight Wednesday May 22, 2013, Trihouse has a deal on this course for: $395.00. That’s a $200 savings.

Click Here: Get “The Powerhouse PDL Operators Course” in Adobe Acrobat now!

Click Here: “Powerhouse Storefront Guide to Online Lending” printed & shipped!


This week only, Trihouse & Payday Loan University is offering this SPECIAL DISCOUNT: $395.00 IF you invest in my Powerhouse PDL Operator’s Guide NOW. That’s a total savings of $200.00!! That’s more than 33% OFF the full list price. You must act by midnight Wednesday May 22, 2013 – NO B.S – this price will never be offered again!!!

Why should you act right now? There is no RISK! All of my courses are 100% guaranteed to be useful, practical, and include PROVEN strategies and ideas. Again, these DISCOUNT prices are only available until midnight Wednesday May 22, 2013. When these courses are officially released, these discounts will never be seen again! (I swear on my name and on my reputation!)

Miro Prosavec
Co-founder Payday Loan University
Total Operations mngt.



Comments ( 5 )
  • Martin says:

    Ok, Miro! I read the Operators Course and I LOVE IT! I’ll need to have all my employees read it as well and IMPLEMENT your ideas.

    Just one of your marketing ideas was worth the investment! Thank you and may I call you?


  • Frank M. says:

    Thanks for this new course. I’ve been in the biz 4 years. I have 5 stores. I’ve been too busy to get to the trade shows and conventions. I’ve talked to Jer MANY times and learned a bunch. But still, I’m excited to “get inside the head” of another experienced operator. THANK YOU!!

    Frank M. TN.

  • Miro posavec says:

    Jer, thanks for the intro.
    I’m excited to put these courses on the street. And I’m very pleased to be working with you. I bought YOUR manual about four years after I started in the biz. In all our working together, I never told you that. The truth was that I should have bought it before I even started.

    It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

    It is my ongoing commitment to this industry to find, create, and present the best ideas and practices.

    To boldly dominate client acquisition, market share, and collections!

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