Mississippi Payday Loan Industry

Borrow Smart Mississippi needs your help in explaining the benefits of alternative financial services (AFS) to regulators and knuckle heads who think they know what’s best for the rest of us.

From BorrowSmartMS.com:

With only a few short weeks before the Legislative Session begins, it’s time to ramp up our efforts on behalf of our industry.  Between now and January 10, you will receive daily email updates.  The email will be very short, so please take a few seconds to read it.  It will often contain an alert for needed action.  When this is the case, please take the time to take care of this immediately.  Once we are in the Session, it will be imperative that legislators receive messages from you in a timely manner.

For now, we are asking that every person receiving this email make contact with your State Representative and/or Senator.  We’d like for you to do this THIS WEEK in the form of a holiday greeting.  You are welcome to use the postcards provided at the Borrow Smart Action Team meetings, or you can use a regular holiday card.  Just write a short message, such as “We at [insert name of business] hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.”  Be sure to hand write the card and sign it.

Please send a return email to this address to let us know to whom you sent the greetings.  If you need Borrow Smart postcards, please let us know that as well.  We’ll be happy to get them to you.

Again, thank you for your participation.

KC Grist

Borrow Smart Field Coordinator
We urge all our readers to followup as the folks at BorrowSmartMs.com suggest!
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