CFSA, Clarity & Indian Tribe Police TV Show – Daily Life on a Reservation to Air

We returned LATE last night from the CFSA Payday Loan Convention in The Bahamas so I’ll need some time  – and several Posts – to digest all the workshops, breakout sessions,  regulatory developments, rumors, tech solutions, strategies and MUCH, MUCH MORE… If you were not there and you make  or plan to make money in the micro-lending space, you should have been there! ( If you were at The Atlantis and you somehow managed to miss the Clarity Shindig put on by Tim, Dave, Paul and their Team, “Oh Man, Woe is You!”  Friends, music, some GREAT DANCING, and food simply out of this world! I suspect a few biz deals as well!)

Meanwhile, this new TV Show caught my eye on the flight back to LAX. I wonder if the Navajo Police will eventually be asked to stop a State AG from attempting to subpoena tribe payday loan records? So far, 7 episodes are scheduled. Guaranteed, we’ll get an opportunity to witness the economic challenges most of the tribes face today and why partnering with gaming, energy, agriculture and yes, even micro-lender expertise, makes a lot of sense for them.

“FARMINGTON, N.M.—A new television show that follows Navajo Nation police officers as they patrol the reservation’s 17 million-plus acres is set to hit the airwaves. “Navajo Cops” premieres Monday evening on the National Geographic Channel and features some of the tribal department’s 330 men and women on patrol.”

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  • Besst says:

    Great event held there and its nice to see the info here as well. The blog has been proved quite informative and well worthy.

  • Professor says:

    Just came across this blog and will be a regular reader from now on. I look forward to learning more about the lending industry in your future posts.

  • Keneth says:

    Coldn’t get to the event because my passport took to long to get. However I have it now. So the next time you go I’m there. Just let us all know so we can all party with you. 🙂

  • Franklin says:

    The entire event was amazing. Great people and connections. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Jer. And for simply being so nice!

  • Steven says:

    Jer, thanks for all the intro’s and mentoring! My head is still spinning but I’m certainly VERY POSITIVE about going forward now.


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